Dr. Paul Chatikobo


  • MSc. Animal Science (1999-2000), University of Zimbabwe
  • BVSc. (1993-1997), University of Zimbabwe
  • Certificate in Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) Investigation for Southern Africa (April 2020), EUFMD (Online course), Zimbabwe
  • Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation of Policy Influence (Jan- Jun 2012), GDNet and CIPPEC (online), Zimbabwe
  • Certificate in Advanced Results Bases Monitoring and Evaluation (Jun- Aug 2010), Impact Training & Development Institute, Republic of South Africa
  • Certificate in Project Management (Oct- Nov 2009), Adaptive Management Consultants, Kenya



Membership of professional bodies

  • Registered member of the Council of Veterinary Surgeons of Zimbabwe (CVSZ)
  • Registered member of the Zimbabwe Veterinary Association
  • National Livestock Commodity Chairperson- Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU)

Work experience

  • Over 20 years post qualification experience in livestock development
  • Ten (10) years’ experience working in State (government) Veterinary Services, Private Sector and Non-Governmental Organizations (BGOs)
  • Over ten (10) years University teaching experience covering several Universities in Zimbabwe and the region: Midlands State University (MSU) Zimbabwe (2002-2003), University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Zimbabwe 2004-2006), Umutara Polytechnic University (2007-2009) Rwanda, and Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) (2018-current) Zimbabwe.
  • Over 8 years Senior Management/Coordination/ Team leadership experience in livestock Development projects
  • Over 6 years’ cumulative consultancy experience: beef and leather value chain upgrading; porcine value chain- Zimbabwe Quality Assured Pork (ZQAP); baseline surveys; Development of learning briefs; food safety systems and HACCP; Local Capacity Building – training of artificial insemination service providers-  Over 500 AI Technicians trained over the past 5 years
  • Provision of last mile (field) beef and dairy cattle artificial insemination services- average 1250 inseminations per year; piloted 250 cattle embryo transfer in Uganda; goat artificial insemination service- 250 inseminations, 67.8% success rate
  • Goat semen collection and cryopreservation
  • artificial insemination and vaccine production value chain analyses: feasibility studies/ exploration of dairy farming-based income generating opportunities; analysis of investment opportunities and livestock business plans
  • Writing livestock development proposals, Monitoring and evaluation of livestock intervention projects
Research interests
Herd health (livestock diseases) Production and Reproduction (breeding) management
  • Prevalence and socio-economic impacts of cattle skin diseases with special interest on bovine Dermatophilosis, Bovine Parafilariosis and Besnoitiosis
  • The epidemiology of the re-surging Bovine Theileriosis: is it re-emerging East Coast Fever of 50 years ago?
  • Artificial insemination for beef, dairy and goats
  • Mastitis prevention and control
  • Calf health and Management
  • Routine herd health and disease control interventions- beef, dairy, pork, poultry and small ruminants

Current research projects
  • Characterization of Mashona goats
  • Goat semen collection and cryopreservation
  • Goat artificial insemination and semen dissemination

Research publications
  1. Published over 17 research articles
  2. 10 in internationally refereed journals;
  3. 7 international conference proceedings