Animal Science Department

Animal Science at Bindura University of Science Education is an excellent preparation for professional careers in animal production, animal breeding, nutrition and health. The programme covers the fundamental and applied biology aspects of animal science, thus providing students with a sound scientific base for careers in a growing technological livestock industry worldwide. Animal Science graduates are scientifically empowered for competitive scientific research, managerial services in commercial firms and specialist advisory services. The Animal Science department is engaged in teaching, research and extension services related to the sustainable production and improvement of livestock and animal by-products.

Departmental Staff

  • Clement Mangwiro MSc Applied Entomology, University of London; BSc Agriculture Honours Degree (Animal Science), University of Zimbabwe
  • Marshal Dhliwayo MSc Animal Science; BSc Honours Agriculture (Animal Science) (UZ)
  • Allen Chikwanda MBA (pending); MPhil Agric (Animal Science); BSc Agriculture Honours (Animal Science), UZ.
  • Titus Zindove