Faculty of Science Education

Prof Norman Rudhumbu – Executive Dean

Departments in the Faculty

  • Department of Educational Foundation
  • Department of Curriculum Studies
  • Department of Science and Mathematics Education


The Faculty is housed at the Faculty of Science Education Complex in Shashi View.


  • To be a hub of knowledge and a beacon of excellence in teaching, research and extension services in STEM Education.

To increase the number of students skilled and interested in pursuing STEM related jobs, degrees, and careers through promotion of leadership and collaboration among business and industry, community organizations, educationists and government stakeholders thereby expanding students’ access to rich and diverse learning experiences in STEM education

Core Values

In addition to the University Core Values, the Faculty embraces the following:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Community Centeredness


Contact Details: Faculty phone – 263782708531
E-mail – fse@buse.ac.zw

Dean’s Welcome Note
I feel privileged to be part of a team that places our connectedness with each other at the heart of our work. This is something we foreground, since Science Education does not rely on a single disciplinary base. We reach excellence through our interaction with each other, enabling us to draw on different disciplines. We conceive the Faculty itself as a learner, which is continuously striving to improve the quality of learning for each member of its community- students, academic and administrative staff individually and in the aggregate.

The Faculty of Science Education educates science teachers in several disciplines: Mathematics Education, Physics Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education, Technology Education, Geography Education, and Agriculture Education. Our first major role is the preparation of caring, accountable and critical-reflective pre-services science teachers who are able to support and nurture learning and development in diverse educational contexts by ensuring that they have a strong disciplinary base. A second major role is the teaching of in-service science teachers who are pursuing either undergraduate or post graduate degree studies. This work is informed by and closely related to our research and community outreach.

Currently, we have students in our undergraduate, post graduate and Doctoral programmes. The high demand for BUSE trained science and mathematics teachers within and outside Zimbabwe proves beyond doubt that the Faculty of Science Education is recognized nationally and internationally for its scholarship and for its contextualized understanding of science education.

The Faculty has diverse and experienced academics who are specialists in their disciplines, but collaborate in inter-disciplinary work to expand the knowledge base by producing cutting-edge research on a wide array of issues and then integrate this research into the students’ learning experiences. The Faculty works closely with schools and other stakeholders and at the same time keeping theory and practice in dialogue with each other.

Prof Norman Rudhumbu

Associate Professor
PhD (ufh), D.Ed (unisa ), MPhil (nmmu), MSc (derby), MBA (nwu), M.Ed (Zou), B.Ed (uz)

Department: Curriculum Studies
Cell: 0772749536
E-mail: nrudhumbu@buse.ac.zw;nrudhumbu@gmail.com



Ms gateSenior Assistant Registrar

  • Cert. IAC- MDF, Cert. PPME-Wageningen
  • MEd (Admin)- UZ, Dip. Training- IPMZ
  • Bed (APPS)- UZ, Cert. Ed

Senior Secretary

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Media Studies (ZOU)
  • HND- Office Management (Harare Polytechnic)
  • ND- Secretarial (Harare Polytechnic)



Faculty Technician        

  •  HND Information System (Harare Polytechnic)



  • Certificate Office Management (BUSE)