National Sports Academy

Bindura University of Science Education was given the mandate to house the National Sports Academy by Government in 2006. The National Sports Academy is a converging centre for sporting activities which include athletics, field, aquatic and indoor games. When fully developed, it will host national and international events, as well as prepare sports persons to compete in these and other competitions.

The major challenges to be addressed by the academy are:

  • The absence of a scientific approach to our sports programmes
  • The dwindling numbers at major international competitions especially the Olympics
  • The absence of medals at all these major international competitions.

What is the National Sports Academy

  • An institution that facilitates the development of identified talent with the aim of achieving international success and recognition.
    It also deals with talent identification and nurturing it.
  • It educates sports personnel
  • Serves as a Centre of Excellence for applied sports science and research

What does it seek to achieve

  • It seeks to produce highly distinguished sports personalities for the immediate and ultimate benefit of humanity. The Academy also hopes to develop sports persons physically, socially, morally and mentally whilst instilling in them attitudes and values that are a pre-requisite for a civil society. Ultimately the Academy aims to build career paths for young people while utilising sports as a bridge builder among different cultures in Zimbabwe.

The National Sports Academy is about

  • Consistent and sustainable success for Zimbabwean athletes and teams on the world stage
  • Greater levels of accountability for performance results
  • Improved governance structures and contemporary reporting and monitoring of performance
  • Engaging, uniting, inspiring and motivating all Zimbabweans

To be a world class center for the identification and nurturing of sports talent and produce athletes who will be able to compete at international level and win medals for Zimbabwe

To strengthen and support the Government’s mandate as well as the University‘s commitment to the  development of talent for high performance sports by:

  • Providing an environment in which talented young sportsmen and women can be developed in an integrated and holistic manner.
  • Providing scientific support that will enhance sound sport development systems and structures in Zimbabwe.
  • Providing facilities and expertise that will enhance the development and performance of sports talent at provincial, national, regional and International levels. 
  • Leading and mentoring similar initiatives/institutes’ countrywide and for the continent by determining the pace, thereby protecting its business and securing long term sustainability.

The following priorities that must be agreed through a collaborative effort focus on what is needed to achieve Zimbabwe’s Winning Edge.

  • Investing for success: Investment is targeted to achieve the greatest chance of international success.
  • Planning to perform: Planning and review processes are contemporary and provide for elevated accountability across the sector.
  • Investing in sound youth development programmes: Capture the disadvantaged but talented athletes in remote areas- THOSE THAT HAVE NO ACCESS TO SPORTS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES.

Important Partners
The high performance sector comprises many organisations working together to support the academy to achieve continued sporting success for Zimbabwe.
Each organisation has a critical role to play to ensure Zimbabwe excels on the world’s sporting stage


The Academy will nurture and support athletes who will go on to become Olympic and Paralympics medallists and highly successful international sportsmen and sportswomen. Athletes must be attracted to the National Sports Academy for its expert coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, world-leading sports science and sports medicine, and unique opportunities for travel, study and work.  A  BUSE scholarship will offer much more than coaching and facilities — Athletes who join the Academy family become part of a unique community of people with diverse interests who learn, train, celebrate and excel together.