Student Affairs

Students are housed by the Department of Student Affairs. The department, headed by Dean Mr. Mazodze is there to see to it that students are well catered for at the campus. Bindura University of Science Education has students of different ages, socio-economic , cultural and religious backgrounds who were brought together by the quest for academic excellence in their respective fields of study. Students at Bindura University interact with students from other tertiary institutions through sporting activities, academic visits, joint researches and the internet.

Student Affairs seeks to be the epicenter in creating an environment conducive to teaching, learning, research and extension services.

We exist to contribute to the production of highly acclaimed graduates through the provision of intervention strategies which address social, moral, mental, physical as well as economic needs which have a bearing on learning effectiveness and development

Roles of Student Affairs

  • Assisting the student to reach his/her maximum effectiveness through clarification of purposes, improvement of study habits, personal appearance and through progression in religious, emotional and social development.
  • Orient the student to his educational environment.
  • Enlisting the entire co-operation of the parents and other stakeholders to contribute towards the success of the students.
  • Supervision of students health through determining physical and mental health status by providing appropriate remedial health measures and controlling environmental health matters.
  • Providing and supervising adequate accommodation services.
  • Supervising, evaluating and developing the social life and the interests of students.
  • Maintaining student discipline and group morale.
  • Provision of extra-curricular activities to help students discover their talents and to strive towards self-actualization.
  • To facilitate and elicit financial assistance for disadvantaged students.