The Centre for Educational Technologies Innovation and Design

The Centre for Educational Technologies Innovation and Design (CETID) has evolved over the years from a virtual and open distance learning coordinating function to a central hub for Online and Blended Learning that works to advance better learning and teaching through skilled adoption and use of educational technologies across the University.

About the Centre for Educational Technology Innovation and Design

The purpose of the CETID is to promote the design and use of digital teaching methods, improve learning outcomes and increase flexibility for staff and students across Faculties.
The Centre is responsible for locating and supporting the teaching programmes in which digital media and online tools can contribute to increased learning, motivation and commitment. In addition, the Centre offers professional media production for educational purposes as well as advice and support regarding production of digital learning materials, ranging from individual flexible components or longer modules, to blended learning in campus courses, traditional online courses, virtual labs and simulated learning environments.

A transformational partner towards an innovative digitised BUSE community by 2030.

To advance the design and skilled use of educational technologies through a supportive, adaptable and inclusive environment.

Guiding Principles
Our work is underpinned by these principles:

  • Sharing of expertise through community building
  • Competence and capacity building
  • Collaboration and partnership through team-based approaches
  • Experimentation, Creativity and Innovation
  • Transformation through continuous learning