Professor Courtey MahamadiProf C. Mahamadi – Director Research and Postgraduate Centre
PhD in Analytical Chemistry (UZ)
MSc, BSc (Hons)-Chemistry (UZ)

Bindura University of Science Education recognizes the role played by research in national development and to this end has established a Research and Postgraduate Centre (RPGC) within its strategic plan. The establishment of the centre is in response to the National Policy on Science and Technology Development that seeks to make Zimbabwe one of the World’s top countries involved in multi- disciplinary research programmes.


The Research and Postgraduate Centre (RPGC) strives to provide a high quality research student experience through offering a broad range of services focused on Higher Degrees studies-Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. Strategically, the Centre seeks to achieve the following objectives: establishment and co-ordination of an efficient university-wide platform for higher degrees students; increase in the absolute number of higher degrees students in a sustainable way; reduction of time from initial application to registration, and from registration to graduation; and increase in the number of publications produced by higher degrees students.

The Centre is responsible for administration of financial support, in the form of scholarships, research grants, conference paper presentation grants and support to conduct research at collaborating institutions. In addition, the RPGC is responsible for establishing and managing support structures and systems that sustain the work of higher degrees students. Typical functions in this regard include: co-ordination of an extensive range of academic and professional development seminars, workshops, and retreats for higher degrees students across all disciplines. Workshops and course topics offered include: academic writing, logical thinking, statistical treatment of data, intellectual property issues, developing an academic presence online, scientific article writing, research ethics, grant proposal writing, conference paper preparation and presentation, lab management, co-supervision training, project management, using Refworks, and many more.

For more information see:
(link to Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy Student Handbook)

Our Vision

Bindura University of Science Education Research and Postgraduate Centre endeavours to be the core provider of resources that support the teaching, learning, research and community service activities undertaken at BUSE.

Our Mission

The Research and Postgraduate Centre will provide current, relevant and expert support to research as major BUSE activity and provide information on postgraduate issues in accordance with International University Standards in fulfillment of its role to facilitate teaching, learning, research and community service activities at BUSE.

Core Values

  • Competence – Research and Postgraduate centre staff will hold professional qualifications and possess skills that are relevant to the execution of their duties.
  • Professionalism – Research and Postgraduate Centre staff will display a high level of those qualities that are characteristics of trained and skilled people in the execution of their duties.
  • Teamwork – Research and postgraduate centre staff will display team spirit and high levels of co-operation in service delivery to clients.

Service offered by the Department

Terms of Reference

The Research and Postgraduate Centre channels research support and administration through the Research Board and Postgraduate office. The Research board is charged with the responsibilities of providing support for research planning and policy implementation, grants funding, quality assurance, and management of an information system that serves multiple research-specific purposes. Besides contributing to the academic staff development through a series of targeted interventions to enhance research capacity, the Research Board is responsible for handling of Contract Research, Intellectual Property and Commercialization, providing a range of Research Reports, International Collaboration and a series of targeted interventions. The Postgraduate Office co-ordinates all Postgraduate Funding opportunities, including in its scope, support systems for postgraduates and postdoctoral research fellows. The two offices are coordinated to work in close partnership with academic and administrative staff in pursuit of research excellence.


The Research Office

  • The Centre is charged with the following responsibilities:
  • To develop and implement research and innovation strategic plan for BUSE.
  • To spearhead formulation of a University Research Policy.
  • To develop a University-wide and focused research culture and agenda for BUSE through formation of Research Clusters.
  • To develop a University  – wide mentoring programme for emerging researchers through initiatives such as the Sustainable Training in Innovation and Research (STIR), the Visiting Researchers Programme (VRP), research seminars and retreats.
  • To build capacity in proposal development, project implementation and report writing (including publication in peer-reviewed journals)
  • To manage the Research Board funds.
  • To identify and exploit alternative sources of funding for research conducted by BUSE researchers.
  • To centrally manage, authorize and negotiate research contracts entered into with funders.
  • To maintain and develop quality-assurance mechanisms for research which include both qualitative in basic and applied research, extension work, and innovation emanating from scholarly endeavour.
  • To facilitate external peer judgment of outputs by individuals and departments through periodic review of research groups, personal and departmental accreditation through professional associations.

The Postgraduate Office

The Postgraduate Office is responsible for the following functions:

  • monitoring quality assurance in the registration, research progress, thesis       submission and examination of postgraduate research students through Faculty Higher Degrees Committees.
  • Running support systems and programmes such as Postgraduate seminars, Supervision assessment Training workshops, and Research skills training workshops, among others.
  • Assisting Faculties in the development of Postgraduate Degrees regulations.
  • coordinating all Postgraduate Funding opportunities.

Departmental Staff

Director:  Prof .C. Mahamadi – PHD IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY

Research Fellow:  Dr M. Mavesera – Doctor of Literature and Philosophy in African Languages (UNISA)

Administrative Assistant : Ms .G .Chituwu – MComm Strategic Management and Corporate Governance

Secretary: Mrs R.P. Ruwiza – Master of Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution (Zimbabwe Open University)