Mr. Kizito Kunaka


  • MSc Animal Science (Bunda College, UNIMA),
  • PGDTE (MSU),
  • BSc Hons Animal Science (UZ)

Current Studies
PhD Title: Economic Values and Breeding Strategy of Small-Scale Commercial Dairy Enterprises in Zimbabwe

Research Interests
Main area of interest is animal breeding and genetics. The main focus is on smallholder dairy in Zimbabwe. Considering the changes that have occurred in the Zimbabwean animal agricultural sector, the contribution of the smallholder dairy farmers has to increase. Part of that increase must come from the use of the best animal. The emphasis is on the type of animal that best suits the sector and how to ensure extensive use of such an animal and how to improve the sector’s contribution to formally marketed milk given the sector’s great potential.

I am greatly interested in getting the university students statistical design and analysis of the research projects.  Goat semen quality parameters and semen extenders, and the goat genetic improvement.

Extension Interest
Increasing smallholder farmer’s use of dairy cattle and goat technologies to improve productivity and reduce poverty.


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