Dr Happwell Musarandega

Academic/Professional Qualifications

  • PhD – University of Fort Hare (Alice, RSA)
  • MSc CCSD – Bindura University
  • MScEd Geography – University of Zimbabwe
  • BSc Ed Hons – Bindura University

Journal Articles:

  1. Musarandega, H., & Chingombe, H. (2018). A Comparative Case of the Implications of Various Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh, India, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Africanus: Journal of Development Studies 47 (1):11 pages. https://doi.org/10.25159/0304-615X/2407.
  2. Musarandega, H., Chingombe, W. & Pillay, R., 2018, ‘Harnessing local traditional authorities as a potential strategy to combat the vagaries of climate change in Zimbabwe’, Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies 10(1), a651. https://doi.org/10.4102/jamba.v10i1.651
  3. Musarandega, H., & Marango, T., & Chitongo, L. (2020). Dynamics of fostering a harmonious use of dwindling local water resources amid the vagaries of climate change: lessons from the Biriiri-Runhenga Water Project in Chimanimani district of Zimbabwe. Loyola Journal of Social Sciences XXXIV. 9-27.
  4. Musarandega, H., & Chitongo, L. (2020). A Contextual COVID-19 Social Distancing Monitoring Strategy for Remote Communal Settings: Insights from Biriiri Communal Lands, Zimbabwe. African Journal of Governance & Development9(1.1), 309-328.  https://journals.ukzn.ac.za/index.php/jgd/article/view/1755
  5. Musarandega, H., Chingombe, W. & Pillay, R. (2021). Unpacking Climate Change Adaptation Strategies: An Account of Smallholder Farmer Experiences in Chimanimani District, Zimbabwe. Africanus: Journal of Development Studies 50 (1):21 pages. https://doi.org/10.25159/2663-6522/5730.
  6. Chingombe, W., & Musarandega, H. (2021). Understanding the Logic of Climate Change Adaptation: Unpacking Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation by Smallholder Farmers in Chimanimani District, Zimbabwe. Sustainability 13 (7) 3773. https://doi.org/10.3390/su13073773
  7. Chingombe, W. and Musarandega, H., (2021). From Cyclone Idai disaster to COVID-19 pandemic: An account of inadvertent social capital enhancement in Eastern Chimanimani, Zimbabwe. Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies ISSN: 2072-845X, E-ISSN: 1996-1421.


  1. Contributing member at the launch of the Adaptation Fund National Implementing Entity (NIE) and Stakeholder Preparatory Workshop for the Twenty-Fifth Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC (Pre-COP25 Climate Change Stakeholder Workshop) 18 November 2019, Venue: Rainbow Towers, Harare. The PreCOP25 workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry in collaboration with ACT Alliance ZERO Regional Environment Organisation.
  2. Panelist at the Project Inception and National Planning workshop of the UN CC: Learn Project to Strengthen Learning and Skills Development to Address Climate Change in Zimbabwe; 21-22 October 2019; Holiday Inn, Bulawayo.
  3. Attended the 13th International Wildlife Ranching Conference held at Protea Hotel, Kimberley, Republic of South Africa. Attended as an official delegate and participated in a wide range of wildlife conservation discussion issues held there from 7th-13th of October 2011.
  4. Presented a paper at the Society for South African Geographers, Conference attended on 4th December 2017 at University of Wits, Johannesburg, South Africa. Paper entitled “Understanding the logic of climate change adaptation: Unpacking constraints and barriers to climate change adaptation by smallholder farmers in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe.”