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The Department of Languages and Communication Skills offers a Communication Skills course which is designed to address areas that are critical for students’ effective interaction in both the academic scene and the practical world of industry and commerce. The course aims to prepare students for efficient delivery of service in their subsequent careers. This course aims at:

  • Equipping students with the necessary knowledge, study skills and attitudes to enable them to interact effectively and perform with excellence, both during their time at university and throughout their subsequent careers;
  • Inculcate in students the need to plan and organize their own learning effectively, manage their time productively, balancing their academic studies with recreation;
  • Access information from books, the internet and other sources efficiently;
  • Develop the four basic communication skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  • Develop students’ awareness of communication skills in the academic sphere, and to increase the students’ confidence and competence in their own communication.

The Department of Languages and Communication Skills endeavours to promote human development through effective communication.

The Department of Languages and Communication Skills seeks to inculcate effective language of communication skills for practical application in academic research, community engagement and the 21st century workplace.

Core Values

  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Unhu/Ubuntuism

Departmental staff

  • Dorcas Zuvalinyenga. Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, BA Honours in Eng. Dip.Ed. (UZ). PhD student (BUSE). Linguistics (Midlands), BA (MSU), Dip. Ed (UZ)
  • Israel Muvindi. Master of Education English, BEd (English), Dip. Ed. (UZ). PhD student (Oxford).
  • Joyce Zivanai. Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Arts Education English (UZ), Bachelor of Education in English (Solusi), Certificate in Education (UZ).
  • Mrs M. Runzonza. Master in Language for Specific Purposes (UZ), Masters Degree in Educational Administration, Planning and Policy Studies (ZOU), BA in English and Communication Skills (ZOU), Dip.Ed (UZ). PhD student (UNISA).
  • Rumbidzayi Chakanyuka
  • Andrew Manyawu
  • Maria Delrosario Suarez

Departmental Secretary

  • Ms Musundire Ngonidzashe