Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Development Studies

Entry Requirements:

  • All applicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements for admission prescribed under the general regulations (i.e.):
  • Have obtained at least five Ordinary Level subject passes including English Language and Mathematics passed with a grade C or better
  • A Pass at ‘A’ Level in Geography and any other ‘A’ Level subject or their recognised equivalents

Structure of the Programme

Part 1
Code               Description
EC101             Economic Principles I
DG102             Statistics for Development
DG103             Social Studies
DG104             Agrarian Studies
HS101             HIV/AIDS Education
CS101              Introduction to Computers
PC108              Citizenship Education and ConflictTransformation   
DG107             Cultural Systems
DG109             Introduction to Geographical Information Systems    
DG110             Environmental Systems            
DG111             Introduction to Development Studies 
EC107             Economic Principles II
DG112             Map Interpretation
DG113             Introduction to Demography

PART II                                                                   
Code               Description
DG201             Development Economics
DG202             Management Information System      
DG204             Natural Resources and Development 
DG205             Rural Livelihood
DG206             Macro-economics of Development    
DG207             Theories of Development
DG208             Globalisation and Development         
DG209             Poverty and Development
DG210             Environment and Development         
DG211             Researh Techniques and Data Analysis
DG212             Public Policy and Policy Analysis
DG213             Environmental Hazards         
DG214             Project Development and Management I       
DG215             Communication and Development

Code               Description
DG300             Industrial Attachment

Part IV
Code               Description
DG401             Political Economy of  Development
DG402             Development Institutions
DG403             Social Analysis for Development
DG404             Industrialisation and Development
DG405             Development Policies and Planning
GG313             Urban Studios
DG408             Geographical Information Systems
DG409             Project Development and Management II      
DG410             Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
DG411             Disaster and Development
DG412             Rural Development In Zimbabwe
DG413             Gender and Development
DG414             Environmental Impact Assessment
GG314             Economic Geography
GG417             Regional Development          
DG420             Rural Planning and Development      
DG470             Research Project 

The Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Development Studies is a four year programme with the third year being industrial attachment or work related learning year.