Computer Science Department

Department Chairperson – Mr Prudence Munyaradzi Mavhemwa

The Department of Computer Science was established under the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science. The first group graduated in September 2007. Since then , curriculum had contentiously been reviewed to meet the ever changing job market demands.

The Department of Computer Science is situated at the Astra Campus

The Department of Computer Science seeks to provide students with a strong foundation for graduate study in Computer Science. Students will gain the requisite theoretically, technically and practical knowledge for a computer-related career. The curriculum is designed for students who seek employment in business or industry after graduation.

In our view we are aiming at scientific “Self Reliance” and Scientific Competitiveness” which is a hybrid of inward looking and global approach. Computer science students will enjoy a highly versatile course of study that will prepare them ultimately for a number of high technology careers in the field of Computers



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Departmental Staff