Health Sciences Department

Department Chairperson – Ms Ancia Manwere
Academic Profile

Health Sciences Department
The Department of Health Sciences was initially started as a unit within the Agricultural Science Department. It offers HIV AIDS education to all the students at the university. Health Sciences became a stand alone department in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science in 2007. The department offers the following degree programmes.

Our vision is to be a Department with excellence, efficiency and effectiveness in teaching, learning and research in the health field by producing autonomous, innovative and highly acclaimed graduates who will be highly recognised locally, nationally and internationally.

The Department of Health Sciences is committed to offering quality programmes in the field of Health Sciences.  We are committed to the health of the society and improve the quality of health care services through teaching, extension services and research.  The Department seeks to be the hub of knowledge and a beacon of excellence in rendering health care issues to the university and the local community.

•    Lifelong Learning
•    Teamwork and Diversity
•    Honesty
•    Innovation and excellence
•    Student Centeredness
•    Commitment and Discipline

Departmental Staff

  • Ms Estele Mwanza – Lecturer – MSc Nursing Science(UZ), BSc in Nursing Science(UZ)
  • Ms Lynah Makuyana – Lecturer – MSc in Nursing Science(UZ)
  • Mrs Elizabeth Makado  Lecturer – MSc Nursing Science(UZ), BA (Cur) Nursing(UNISA)
  • Ms A.Manwere  – Lecturer – MSc Nursing Science(UZ),BSc in Nursing Science(UZ)
  • Mrs Constance Shorayi Katsinde:  MSc in Public Health  (Netherlands), MSc Nursing Science (UZ), BSc Nursing Science  (UZ), Diploma in General Nursing
  • Cynthia Chaibva