Chemistry Department

Dr N. Muchanyereyi – Department Chairperson

Chemistry today is the basis of a worldwide industry concerned with almost every aspect of life, including food, fuel, clothing, building materials and medicines. While the growth of this industry has had some undeniably bad ecological effects, chemistry provides the key to the improvement of the environment and world living standards.

Chemistry Department seeks to be a hub of knowledge and beacon of excellence in teaching, research and extension services.

To produce Chemistry teachers and all round Chemists who can vastly and competently contribute in research, industry and commerce.

Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Excellence

Departmental Staff

Chairperson: Dr Netai Muchanyereyi
Secretary: Ms P. Mpirivu


Technical Staff

  • V. Chibuku, Senior Technician, HND, Applied Chemical Technology, Harare Poly, B-TECH, NUST
  • K. Mapfaka, Senior Technical Assistant
  • Munyepwa, Technical Assistant
  • Mr. T, Chayamiti (Technician)