Master of Science in Inorganic Chemistry

Entry Requirements
All applicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements for admission prescribed under the general regulations (i.e.):

  • BScEd. with Chemistry or BSc (Honours) Chemistry, or any other relevant Natural Science degrees with 2.1 grades, or better.

This is a 2 year degree programme offered on both block release and full time options. The courses to be covered are as follows:

Code                       Description
PC503                    Research Methods
CHM504                 Chemistry Laboratory Management
CHM501                 Analytical Methods I          
CHM502                 Analytical Methods II
CHMI510                 Inorganic Synthesis
CHMI511                 Electronic Structure of Solids
CHMI512                 Structural Analysis of Coordination Compounds
CHMI513                 Thermodynamics & Kinetics of Coordination Compounds
CHMI514                 Reaction Kinetics & Thermodynamics in Solid  Phase
CHMI515                 Structural Inorganic Chemistry

Employment Opportunities
The Postgraduate Programme is aimed at those intending to serve as University Lectures in Chemistry. However they fit well in chemical industry and can take up PhD programmes in related field or areas of strength.