Dr Mapuwei Tichaona Wilbert

Contact Details

  • tichaonamapuwei@yahoo.com
  • twmapuwei@buse.ac.zw
  • +263 772855908


An enthusiastic and innovative researcher, statistician, business planner and lecturer with vast interdisciplinary research, university service, community engagement and monitoring and evaluation experience acquired through working in private, government and non-governmental organisations: UKZN, BUSE, World Vision International (WVI), Population Services International (PSI), Edgars Group of Stores, Business Environment Services (BES) and Milton Boys High. Possesses management, communication, problem solving and team building skills. Has worked in various capacities: Department Chairperson, Lecturer, Research Coordinator, Acting M&E Manager/Coordinator, M&E Officer, M&E Supervisor, Merchandise Planner and Mathematics & Computer Science Teacher. Proficient in SPSS, MINITAB, R, Epi-Info, Microsoft Office and Latex.


  1. PhD in Statistics UKZN, South Africa
  2. Operations Research (NUST)
  3. (Hons) Applied Mathematics (NUST)
  4. Diploma in Merchandise Buying & Planning, (EDGARS Group of Stores)
  5. Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation (BUSE)

Research Interests

  • Predictive analysis, Simulation modelling, Machine Learning, Causal Inference

Research Publications

  • Tichaona W. Mapuwei, Oliver Bodhlyera and Henry Mwambi.(2022), Integrating Artificial Neural Networks, Simulation and Optimisation Techniques in Ambulance Deployment for Heterogeneous Regions Under Stochastic Environment. American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Volume 10(3), DOI:10.1269/ajams-10-3-3.
  • Tichaona W. Mapuwei, Jenias Ndava and Mellissa Kachaka. (2022), An Application of Time Series ARIMA Forecasting Model for Predicting Tobacco Production in Zimbabwe. American Journal of Modelling and Optimisation. Article ID 2000112130 Volume 9(3).
  • Tichaona W. Mapuwei, Oliver Bodhlyera and Henry Mwambi. (2020), Univariate Time Series Analysis of Short-Term Forecasting Horizons Using Artificial Neural Networks: The Case of Public Ambulance Emergency preparedness. Journal of Applied Mathematics. Article ID 240868698. Volume 2020.
  • Brain Kusotera, Fredy Chimire and Tichaona W. Mapuwei. (2018), An analysis of customer churn for mobile network operators in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology, ISSN 2318-1058, Volume 10(3).
  • Jenias Ndava, Tichaona Wilbert Mapuwei and Cephas Madoma., (2018), A comparative assessment of the acaricidal activity of Tephrosia – vogelii on Rhiphicephalus – appendiculatus and Amblyomma – variegatumin in Makoni District, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, ISSN 2320-7078, Volume 6(1).
  • Jenias Ndava, Tichaona Wilbert Mapuwei and Peggy Katiyo., (2018), Prevalence of plant parasitic nematodes in tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) grown in different soil pH and texture conditions. Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies, ISSN 2320-7078, Volume 6(2).
  • Mapuwei T.W., Tsododo M. Owen Jakata and Cliff Gondo., (2016), Demand Modelling of Alcoholic Beverages in Manicaland Province Using Time Series Analysis. International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering and Technology ISSN: 2348-7968, Volume 3, Issue 10.
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  • Tichaona W. Mapuwei, Joseph Masanganise, Renias Chivheya, and Patson Mashangana., (2014), An assessment of performance of soya bean (Glycine max) variety in low rainfall areas of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research. ISSN 2223-7054, Volume 5 (4).
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  • R. Masvodza and T.W. Mapuwei., (2014), Feasibility of Sack Potato Production as a New Technique used in Some Urban Parts of Zimbabwe. Journal of Agriculture and Ecology Research International 2(3): 201-208, IJAER.2015.020.
  • Cathrine Kazunga, Tichaona W. Mapuwei and Jabulani Mapurisa., (2014), Use of Logit and Exponential Modelling Techniques on Deforestation Trends of Mupfuti Trees. Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary, Vol. 1, Issue 22.
  • Blessing Masamha; Artwell Kanda; Tichaona Mapuwei; Jephita Gotosa; Violet P. Dudu., (2014), Multinomial Logistic Regression Modelling of Socio-economic Factors Determining Choice of Household Water Treatment Method in Bindura Rural District of Zimbabwe.. Research Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Vol. 6, No. 2.
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  • Maroni R. Nyikahadzoyi; Tichaona Mapuwei, Mirirai Chinyoka. (2013), Some cognitive obstacles faced by ‘A’ level mathematics students in understanding Inequalities: A case study of Bindura Urban High schools. International Journal of Academic Research in Education and Development, Vol. 2, No. 2.
  • Mapuwei T.W., Masamha B., Mukavhi L., (2013), Forecasting and simulation modelling, decision support tools for ambulance emergency preparedness. International Journal of Academic Research in Economics and Management Science, Vol. 07.
  • Kisswell Basira, Itai Chirume, Joseph Masanganise and Tichaona Mapuwei., (2013), An investigation on the impact of derivatives on traded turnover on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and Banks Profitability 2009 to 2012. International Journal of Sciences Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) ISSN 2307-4531.