Mrs. Lizzy Zinyemba


  • Masters of Social Science in Social Work
  • Bachelors’ degree in Social work

Position: Lecturer, Department of Social Work

Phone: +263 773 654 572 / +263 774 175 015

Research Interests
Community health

Publications and Book Chapters

  1. Zinyemba, L. (February 2020) understanding maternal health care through the role played by dietary food taboos in Binga. African Journal of Social Work Volume 10 Number 1, Special issue on Ubuntu Social Work.
  2. Zinyemba. L.(August 2019) An exploratory factor analysis of maternal health care pathways in rural Binga Zimbabwe Science park Journals Volume 5 number 5.
  3. Zinyemba.L, Ruparanganda.L, Motsi.P.D. (February 2016). The psycho social wellbeing of children with chronic conditions in Zimbabwe, The case of children living in institutions.British Open Research Publications.
  4. W.Z. Sadomba and LizzyZinyemba( December 2014) Socio- cultural foundations of caregiver Institutions : Lineage and community networks in Zimbabwe’s Health care system. ABC journal of Humanity, Art, and literature, Volume 1Number 3.
  5. LizzyZinyemba (August 2014):  Challenges experienced by adults on Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Harare. African Journal of Social work (AJSW) Volume 4 number 1.
  6. L. Ruparanganda, P.D.Motsi, L.Zinyemba and K.Nyikahadzoi. (July 2013).Challenges faced by young people living with HIV: The case of children on the community outreach programmein Harare. Journal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 28 No: 2.  
  7. EdmosMtetwa and LizzyZinyemba (June 2013): Understanding Health Literacy: Health Policy and the challenge of grassroots participation. Journal of Behavioral science in Asia.