Dr. Tapfuiwa James Katsinde


  • Certificate in education
  • Bachelor of education degree (UZ)
  • Master of education Degree (Educational foundations – Sociology) UZ
  • Post-Graduate Diploma (ISS)
  • Doctor of Philosophy PhD (Sociology) (Rhodes)

Position: Lecturer, Department of Peace and Governance
Cell: +263 772 773 742 / +263 713 814 558
Email: tkatsinde@gmail.com, tkatsinde@buse.ac.zw


Research Interests
Social problems, for example the problem of HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, girl child marriages, Citizenship Education and Conflict Transformation, education and secondary education

Research Publications

  1. Title: HIV and AIDS Awareness among secondary school pupils in Bindura District, Zimbabwe.
    Authors: T.J. Katsinde and C.S. Katsinde
    Journal: Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research (ZJER) Volume 19, No.1 2007 pp  99-112
  2. Title: The relationship between knowledge and reported self-care practices of hypertensive patients at a provincial hospital, Zimbabwe.
    Authors: C.S. Katsinde and TJ Katsinde
    Journal: Southern Africa Journal of Education, Science and Technology (SAJEST) (2006), Volume 1 No. 1, pp 35-45
  3. Title: Undergraduate science students’ attitude towards citizenship education: the case of Bachelor of Science students’ attitude enrolled at Bindura University of Science Education.
    Authors: L.J. Nyaumwe, L. Mutanda, L.P. Kushure and T.J.Katsinde
    Journal: Southern Africa Journal of education, Science and Technology (SAJEST) (2007) Volume 2, No.1,pp 42-48
  4. Title: Student nurses’ perceptions of the HIV and AIDS problem: a case study of Bindura School of Nursing, Zimbabwe.
    Journal: Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, Volume13, No. 1 2011, pp 212-226
    Authors: T.J. Katsinde, C.S. Katsinde and M. Mwale
  5. Title: An evaluation of knowledge, attitudes and practices of student nurses about post-exposure prophylaxis in HIV and AIDS prevention: A case of a School of Nursing in Zimbabwe.
    Journal: Journal of Zimbabwe Studies, Technology and Health, Vol  1, No 1, 2012, pp1-6
    Authors: T J Katsinde & D Katsande
  6. Title: The impact of HIV and AIDS course on Students behaviour: A case of BUSE in Zimbabwe.
    Journal: Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, Volume 13, No. 6 2016, pp78-90.
    Authors: T J Katsinde, E. Chidyamatamba and CS Katsinde
  7. Title: Knowledge and attitudes of university workers towards HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe
    Journal: International Journal of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol 1 Issue 2,2017, pp 1-13
    Authors: T J Katsinde. M. Chawira, C S Katsinde & C Nyoni
  8. Title: The relationship between reported self-care practices and blood pressure of hypertensive clients at a provincial hospital in Zimbabwe.
    Journal: International Journal of Health Sciences and Research, Vol 6, Issue 10, October 2016, 205-215
    Authors: C. S. Katsinde and T. J. Katsinde
  1. Title: Knowledge, attitude and practice of student nurses about Post-exposure prophylaxis: a case of a school of nursing
    Name of conference:
    Research and Intellectual Expo in Harare 2011
    Authors/Presenter: T. J. Katsinde
    and D. Katsande
  2. Title:  Awareness of corruption among undergraduate police officers: A case of Bindura University of Science Education Research and Intellectual Expo in Harare 2012
    T J Katsinde
  3. Title: The pros and con of peace education for the families in Zimbabwe, Social Sciences Conference, Bindura University of Science Education, 2-3 July 2015.
    Author/Presenter: T J Katsinde
  4. Title: The effects of economic instability on teachers in Zimbabwe: A Case of Mashonaland Central.
    Sociological Association of South Africa, University of Western Cape: July 2018
    T J Katsinde
Ten years’ long service award (2015)