Dr. Ronald Chipaike


  • Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies, AFM Theological Seminary (2020)
  • PhD in International Relations, Rhodes University, South Africa (2017).
    Research Topic: ‘Chinese aid and African agency since 2000: examining the cases of Zimbabwe, Angola and Ghana’.
  • Master of Science Degree in International Relations-University of Zimbabwe (Merit: 2010).
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Political Science-University of Zimbabwe (Upper Second: 2007).


Position: Lecturer, Department of Peace and Governance
Phone: +263 773 244 767
Email: rchipaike@buse.ac.zw, chipaiker84@gmail.com

Research Interests

Africa-China engagements, African agency in International Relations

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles & Book Chapters

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Newspaper Contributions

  1. Chipaike, R (2016, June 26) ‘Brexit: Implications for Africa and Zimbabwe’. Sunday Mail. Available at http://www.sundaymail.co.zw/brexit-implications-for-africa-and-zim/
  2. Chipaike, R (2016, June 21) ‘Africa’s Engagement with China’. Chronicle. Available at http://www.chronicle.co.zw/africas-engagement-with-china/
  3. Chipaike, R (2016, November 28) ‘Trump victory: possible implications for Africa’. Chronicle. Available at http://www.chronicle.co.zw/trump-victory-possible-implications-for-africa/
  4. Chipaike, R (2017, May 25) ‘Africa at 54: achievements, prospects and challenges’. Daily News.
  5. Chipaike, R (2017, November 12) ‘China and the West in Zimbabwe: Continuity and competition’. Sunday News. Available at http://www.sundaynews.co.zw/china-and-the-west-in-zimbabwe-continuity-and-competition/
  6. Chipaike, R (2018, June 10) ‘Africa at 55: Remember nothing is for free, even from the Chinese!’ Daily News.

Conference Papers

  1. ‘Zimbabwe’s economic empowerment initiatives: A critical review’. Paper presented at the International Symposium on Community-driven-Peace Building and Development, Harare, Zimbabwe, 20-21 October 2011.
  2. ‘Evading punishment: An analysis of China-Zimbabwe relations in an age of sanctions’. Paper presented at the China Africa Think Tanks Forum held in Bishoftu town, Ethiopia, 12-13 October 2012
  3. ‘An analysis of the impact of China-Africa relations on human security: the case of Zimbabwe (2000-2012)’. Paper presented at the China-Africa symposium, Harare 22-24 October 2013.
  4. ‘Human insecurity in Africa and the lure of the European paradise: analysing the African Union’s response to the “illegal” migration problem’. Paper presented at the International-Africa Peace and Security Education Conference, Bindura, Zimbabwe, 2-3 July 2015.
  5. ‘The Case for Afro-Centred International Relations Theory in the African University’. Paper presented at the UNISA-UZ Second Political Science Colloquium, Harare, Zimbabwe, 28 August 2015.
  6. ‘All weather friend or economic saviour: representations of China in Zimbabwe’s public media since 2003′. Paper accepted for conference entitled “Building Images: Exploring 21st century Sino-African dynamics through cultural exchange, media representation and translation’, University of Nottingham, UK, 14-16 January 2016.
  7. ‘Shortcomings of state based agency in Zimbabwe’s development assistance relations with China’. Paper presented at the Yale Africa-China Conference in Lagos, Nigeria, 15-18 March 2016.
  8. ‘The Question of African Agency in International Relations’. Paper accepted for African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA) 2nd Biennial Conference, University of Ghana, Legon, 12-14 October 2017.
  9. ‘Agency at the margins: Zimbabwe’s economic engagement with China since 2000’. Paper presented at the ‘Chinese in Africa/Africans in China Research Network (CA/AC)’ conference entitled ‘”China-Africa” in Global Perspective’, held at Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium, 27-29 June 2018.

Related Career Activities

  • Qualifications assessor and programmes reviewer: Zimbabwe Council of Higher Education (ZIMCHE).
  • Article reviewer for the following Journals:
  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Third World Quarterly (Taylor and Francis)
  • Asian Ethnicity (Taylor and Francis)
  • Journal of African Foreign Affairs
  • International Journal of Academic Library and Information Science
  • African Journal of Political Science and International Relations
  • Journal of Asian and African Studies (Sage)
Professional Associations
  • Member-Chinese in Africa and Africans in China (CA/AC) network