David Makwerere

david makwerereQualifications

  • Masters in Peace and Governance (AU)
  • Bachelor of Science in Counselling (ZOU)
  • Diploma in Education (Secondary) (UZ)
  • Certificate in Conflict Analysis, Mapping and Intervention (IPLG),Certificate in Family Health and Life Studies (MTC)
  • Certificate in Soccer Refereeing (Preliminary) (ZSRA)
  • Certificate in Sports Administration (MWSDA)

Department: Peace and Governance
Cell:+263 772 596 562/+263 732 584 222
Email: david.makwerere@gmail.com, dmakwerere@buse.ac.zw

Research Interests

Community Participation, Social and Economic Justice, Civil Society and Peacebuilding

Research Publications

  1. Massimo, C. and Makwerere, D. 2015. Civil Society Participation in the Formulation of Human Rights-Related Public Policy in Zimbabwe, Journal of Public Policy in Africa, Africa University, Zimbabwe Vol 1(3) Pp 1-12
  2. Makwerere, D and Mandoga, E. (2012) Rethinking traditional institutions of conflict resolution and justice in post 2000 Zimbabwe. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Tomorrow Vol 1 No 4 June 2012
  3. Makwerere, D and Chipaike, R. (2012) China and America in Africa: A new cold war or a new scramble? International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol 2 September 2012
  4. Makwerere, D., Chinzete, G.T. AND Musorowegomo, C. (2012) Policing and Human Rights: A case study of Zimbabwe Vol 2 September 2012
  5. Dube, D. and Makwerere, D. (2012) Zimbabwe: Towards a comprehensive peace infrastructure. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
  6. Makwerere, D. and Mandoga, E. Challenges and Opportunities in developing football as a vehicle for peacebuilding in Zimbabwe.
  7. Dodo, O., Makwerere, D., Matavire, M., and Parwada, C. An analysis of challenges faced by students learning in virtual and open distance learning system: A case of Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE), Educational Research and Review, Vol 8, June 2013
  8. Dodo, O., Nyoni, C. and Makwerere, D. Silence as an endogenous mode of post-conflict healing and reconciliation: Zimbabwe post 2008 election violence, International Journal of Politics and Good Governance, Vol 3, No 3.4 Quarter iv 2012
  9. Muropa, B.C., Kusure, L.P. and Makwerere, D., Kasowe and Muropa, Z. Hunhu/Ubuntu and its relationship to civics and citizenship education, JETERAPS (August 2013) 4(4): 658-661
    Modules Written
  10. Makwerere, D. and Muropa, B.C. (2012) PC108: Citizenship Education and Conflict Transformation, Module 2: Conflict Transformation, Bindura University Press, Bindura
    Book Chapters
  11. Makwerere, D. and Chiwada, F. (2015) Indigenization and Economic Empowerment As a Tool for Conflict Transformation in Zimbabwe: Challenges and Opportunities in Development and Policy Practice: Making Use of Population Census Data, Harare: Institute of Development Administration
  12. Makwerere, D. (2015) Ethics and Security Sector Reform in Zimbabwe, ZPSP Commissioned Book” A study on State and the Borders, Dr Gladys Mokhawa of the University of Botswana and D. Makwerere. A commissioned research by the Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme (2014)

Extension Services

  • Clean-up Campaign in Bindura with the Zimbabwe United Nations Association, BUSE Chapter, 2015