Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Peace and Governance

All applicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements for admission prescribed under the general regulations (i.e.):

  • Have obtained at least five Ordinary Level subject passes including English Language and Mathematics passed with a grade C or better
  • At least 2 ‘A’ level subjects
  • Special or mature admission shall be in accordance with the General Regulations.

Part 1
Code               Description   
PG101             Introduction to Peace, Security And Governance
PG102             Causes of conflict at micro and macro levels
PG103             Conflict, Peace and development
PG104             Introduction to Peace Building Process
PG105             Religion, Conflict and Peace
HS101             HIV / AIDS
PC103              Communication Skills
PG107             Introduction to Political Science And Governance
PG108             Diplomacy and Negotiation
PG109             Political Ideologies and Conflict        
CS101              An Introduction to Computer Science
PG110             Leadership, Theory and Practice        

PART II                                                                   
Code               Description   
PG201             Social Science Research Methods
PG202             Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
PG203             Peace Building and Peace Keeping
PG204             Media, Democracy and Governance
PG205             Gender, Peace and Governance         
PG206             Dynamics in Conflict Transformation
PG207             International Relations and Global Governance
PG208             Zimbabwe and the World
PG209             Governance and Politics in Africa
PG210             International Law
SW404            Counselling

Code               Description   
PG304             Industrial
PG370             Project

Part IV
Code               Description   
PG401             French/Spanish/Portuguese    
PG402             Civil Society in Africa
PG403             Democracy and Human Right
PG404             Leadership in Private Sector And Social Development
PG405             Environmental Security and Peace
SW403             Principles and Practices of Rehabilitation      
PG406             Endogenous Strategies for Conflict Transformation  
PG407             Youth and Development
PG408             Refugees and Conflict Transformation
PG409             International Political Economy         
PG410             Terrorism
PG411             Institutions of Peace and Security
SW405             Project Planning and Management
PC301              Curriculum Design, Implementation And Evaluation