Ms. Etiya Edith Chigondo


  • Master of Science In Social Work Degree – University Of Zimbabwe
  • Bachelor of Social Work Degree – University Of Zimbabwe      
  • Diploma in Social Work – University Of Zimbabwe

Position: Lecturer, Department of Social Work
Phone: +263 712 526 803




  1. Chigondo E, A study to assess the acceptance of male circumcision as a preventive method in HIV and AIDS in Mbare and Southern Suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Social Science and Management, Vol. 4, no. 1, May 2014. ISSN 2251-1571, pp 123-130
  2. Chigondo E, The dynamics of distance parenting. The case of Zimbabweans in diaspora, International Journal Of Social Science and Management
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  5. Maushe F; Nyoni C; Chigondo E E and Frank R, Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) and Social Work response. ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol. 3(1), January 2013. ISSN 2231-5780, pp 75-85
  6. Mabvurira V; Motsi P D; Masuka; T and Chigondo E E, The “politics” of sexual identities in Zimbabwe: A Social Work perspective, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol. 2 No. 13, July 2012. pp 218-223
  7. Nyoni C, Maushe F, Mugumbate J and Chigondo E. E., Rethinking Disability in an African setting: the case for Zimbabwe, The International Journal’s Research Journal of Social Science and Management, Vol.02, No: 08 December 2012. ISSN 2251-1571, pp 39-50

Published Book Chapters

  1. Chigondo E, (2014) ‘Social Work Ethics and Values’ in Promoting Social Work for Zimbabwe’s Development, Bindura, Bindura University Press. Nyoni C and Nyanguru, A (Eds)

Published Book

  1. Matsika AB, Chigondo E.E, Chikoko W, (2014)..Social Work Field Work Manual, Harare, Council of Social Workers.

Research in Progress

  1. Chigondo, E, The rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents, the case of Northcort Training Institute, Mt Hampden, Zimbabwe
  2. Chigondo, E, The dynamics of children looking after children, the case of orphaned children in Buhera, Zimbabwe.


  1. Board member- Council of Social Workers (2015-2021)
  2. Vice Chairperson- Council of Social Workers Board 2017 to 2021
  3. Chairperson-CSW Disciplinary Committe 2017 to 2019
  4. Chairperson – CSW Education Committee 2016 to 2018
  5. Board member- AFRICAID

Workshops / Events Attended

  1. Maushe, F., Nyoni, C. and Chigondo, E. E. (2013). Lost Homes Lost Livelihoods, A life time of Suffering: a case study of livelihood strategies for former farm workers in Mazowe, a decade after land distribution. Presented at Harvard University, United States of America
  2. Attended a workshop on Introduction to Social Science Concepts and methods for   community engagement in research, CIRAD, University Of Zimbabwe
  3. Attended the Grant Winning Proposal Writing Workshop, Research and Post Graduate Centre, Bindura University,
  4. Attended a workshop on Attachment and Supervision Guide, Council of Social Workers, HICC,
  5. Annual Social Workers congress 2012, 2013, 2014
  6. E -resources workshop, Bindura University,
  7. Grooming and deportment, Bindura University,
  8. Facilitated and presented on the Pre-Industrial attachment Orientation, June 2014, 2015 for Social Work Students

Other Research Work

  1. HIV and AIDS related risk behaviour in tertiary institutions
  2. A situational analysis of Women in the Informal Sector” The case of Mupedzanhamo, Harare
  3. Housing Cooperatives in Harare- A case study of Budiriro Phase 2’s Tagarika housing Cooperative
  4. A survey on Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions of people on HIV and AIDS media related information – A CIET Africa and NAC study
  5. Needs assessment for disadvantaged children in Caledonia – Harare- Save the Children (UK)

Training Courses Attended and Awarded

  1. Training in Monitoring and Evaluation Methods-National AIDS Council
  2. Training in Results Based Management (RBM)
  3. Training in Value Based Leadership-LASOF (University of Zimbabwe)
  4. Training in Community Mobilization and Empowerment for Improved Access to Treatment Care and Support (CMEIAST) -John Snow International
  5. Training in Female Condom Programming-NAC and ZNFPC
  6. Training in Procurement Procedures- Procurement Board – Gvt. of Zimbabwe
  7. Training in Research Ethics- Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe
  8. Training in Country Response Information System Data base  (CRIS)