Examination Section

The Academic Registry has the main responsibility for many of the processes associated with written examinations.  In practice these duties are delegated to The Examinations Office which is responsible for the coordination and management of all university scheduled examinations and the publication of results

Key Activities:-

  • Timetables:  The preparation of examination timetables for all written papers held in the official university examination periods.
  • Examination Papers:  Printing and secure storage of examination question papers received from departments.
  • The appointment of external examiners: The Examinations Office facilitates the appointment of external examiners and do forwarding of examination question papers for moderation and assessment to the external examiners
  •  Certificates:  The Examinations Office is responsible for producing all certificates and transcripts following successful completion of a programme.
  • Examination Registers:  The Examinations Office will produce attendance slips and course registers for each written examination.
  • Past examination papers:  The Examinations Office will provide all written examination question papers to the University Library to enable copies to be made available to students.
  •  Special Examinations: The Examinations Office organizes special examinations for students with medical conditions or any other various acceptable reasons. 
  • Rules and Regulations: The Examinations Office ensures that university examination regulations, policies and procedures are being followed.