Admissions,Registration & Students Records

  •  Advertise for enrollments
  • Coordinate selection of candidates
  •  Notify applicants
  •  Generate offer letters
  • Capture applicants data
  • Disseminate information on entry qualifications
  •  Liaise with Faculties on programmes on offer
  •  Compilation of admission statistics
  •  Advise applicants
  •  Ensure compliance to Admission Policy

Students Records (To be established)

  • Keep students personal details
  • Update student personal details
  •  Compile enrollment statistics
  • Verify qualifications on initial admissions
  •  Maintain up to date student personal and academic records (soft and hard)
  •  Issue transcripts and certificates
  •  Keep custody of uncollected certificates and transcripts
  •  Coordinate graduations
  •  Ensure compliance to Student Records Management

Students Registration

  • Coordinate student registration
  •  Issue student ID cards
  • Compile registration statistics
  • Advise students on registration matters
  • Set registration periods
  •  Provide class registers
  • Custodian of General Academic and programme regulations
  • Ensure compliance to Student Registration Policy