Master of Science Education Degree – MScEd

All applicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements:

  • A degree with this university or any recognizable institute with a 2.1 grade or better .
  • Must have obtained a Pass at A-Level in a subject of specialisation and have sat for an examination in at least another science subject at A-Level or their recognized equivalents;
  • OR a BSc. General with a 2.1 grade or better or BSc. Honours with selected specialisation as a major subject, plus a Grad. C.E or PGCE or PGDE.
  • B.Ed. specialising in sciences, with a 2.1 grade or better

Education Courses
Code                   Description

ME201                 Management of Science Education
ME104                 Measurement and Evaluation
ME106                 Educational Technology and Science Curriculum
PC503                  Research Methods and Statistics
ME103                 Curriculum Development in Science Education
ME210                 Problem Solving Approaches in Science Education
ME600                 Dissertation

Subject Specilisation Courses 


Code                   Description

MBZ517               Biodiversity and Climate Change
MBZ518               Social Biology
MBZ516               Botany 
MBZ515               Zoology               
MBZ521               Advanced Microbiology               
MBZ522               Advanced Genetics
MBZ519               Biotechnology Applications
MBZ520               Advanced Biological Science Techniques              
MBZ600               Dissertation


Code                   Description

MCH503              Organic Chemistry 5
MCH501              Physical Chemistry 5
MCH502              Inorganic Chemistry 5
MCH504              Analytical Chemistry 5
MCH506              Laboratory Management 2
MCH507              Colloids and Colloid Analysis
MCH508              Chemometrics and Computerization
MCH509              Polymer Characterization and Analysis
MCH600              Dissertation


Code                   Description

MGG501              Climate Change
MGG502              Environmental Systems and Hazards
MGG505              Regional Integration and Development
MGG506              Trends in Geography     
MGG507              Aspects of Population Geography
MGG504              Urban Environments and Sustainability
MGG600              Dissertation


Code                   Description

MPH503              Electricity and Magnetism 5
MPH502              Thermodynamics 5
MPH504              Quantum Mechanics 5  
MPH501              Mechanics 5      
MPH505              Atomic and Optical Physics
MPH506              Theory of Solids               
MPH507              Nuclear and Particle Physics
MPH508              Environmental Systems
MPH509              Astrophysics and Cosmology
MPH600              Dissertation

Computer Science

Code                   Description

MCS503               Advanced Data Communication and Networking
MCS501               Design and Analysis of Algorithms
MCS504               Software Engineering
MCS503               Advanced Databases
MCS505               Artificial Intelligence
MCS507               Computer Security
MCS508               Computer Graphics
MCS509               Computer Architecture
MECS600             Dissertation