Dr. Teresa Chikerema


  • PhD in Information Systems
  • MEd in Higher Education
  • Certificate in Educational Technology
  • MSc. in Computer Science
  • Lic. Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • IT essentials: PC hardware and Software (CISCO)
Research Areas of Interest
  • Challenging  inequalities brought about by the digital technologies
  • M-learning , e-learning, and online learning
  • E-Government
  • Design thinking
  • Interaction Design
  • Educational technology
  • Digital literacy
 Conference Papers
  1. Chikerema, T., Chikari, G., Chikerema P. (2016) , E-Learning in Higher Education: Challenges and tribulations for Social Justice, ICEL’16, 2 – 3rd June 2016,Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia,  ISSN { 2048-8882}
  2. Chikerema, T., Mavetera, N, Jantjies, M. (2016) A contextual framework for e-Government Adoption in SADC, ICEGOV2016, March 1-3, 2016, Montevideo, Uruguay, Copyright 2016 ACM isbn{978-1-4503-3640-6/16/03}doi{http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2910019.2910072}
  3. Moyo, M., Madzima, K. , Chikerema, T. and Abdullah, H. (2015) Layering information literacy: A taxonomy of literacies for academic and lifelong learning, Int’l Conf. e-Learning, e-Bus., EIS, and e-Gov. | EEE’15 |, 116-124
  4. Makwinja, V. , Chikerema, T., and  Alexander,S. (2014) One Size Fits All?: The Use of Technology by Academic Staff,  BUIRC 15, Botswana
  5. Chikerema, T., Gombiro, C. and Matyokurehwa, K. (2012) A Step Towards Computer Based Assessments in Primary Schools: A Botswana Perspective,  BCIRC 2012, Botswana