Shepherd Chaparadza

Mr Chaparadza Sherpherd 
  • Lecturer Department of banking and Finance 
  • B. Com Fin Hons G.Z.U.
  • Msc Banking and Financial economics (N.U.S.T)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (ZOU)
Area of Research 
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Development Finance
  • Fossil fuels industry development
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  1. Chaparadza (2017), Challenges Faced by Children with Physical Disabilities: A Case of Makoni Chinyika West in Manicaland, / 33984902
  2. Chaparadza (2022), Determinants of mobile money uptake in rural communities a case of Inyati Mining area in Rusape Zimbabwe under review
  3. Chaparadza (2022), An impact assessment of mobile money payment facility on the livelihood of people in resettlement schemes a case of Sachuru resettlement scheme in Sanyati. Under review