Ecd Directors Attend Professionalisation Course

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Early Childhood Development (ECD) directors from Mashonaland Central Province are attending a short course on the ‘Professionalisation of Directors of ECD Centres organised by Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) department of Educational Foundations.

The course which will run for two weeks seeks to equip ECD directors with the requisite knowledge to run their centres profitably and professionally in line with international standards set by the government.Acting BUSE Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Christmas Denhere told the directors that the university was excited to impart knowledge to them and was hopeful that they would use the information to improve their centres.“This course will impart knowledge to ECD directors on how to deal with challenges that you face during your work in your various centres,” he said.“It is prudent that you upgrade your teaching skills so that you become knowledgeable about the currently acceptable teaching methods recommended by the government.Professor Denhere said ECD was now big business and therefore required professionally trained people to run it and give the future leaders a solid foundation at the same time attracting many clients.One of the students Mrs Jumbe was ecstatic about the course which is being offered by BUSE which she said was going to make them have a better understanding of their work.Mrs Jumbe said after completing the course, she together with her fellow directors were going to show their clients that they were now a transformed lot by providing better services and she was hopeful that this would increase the number of students at their centres.

BUSE Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Denhere addresses delegates during the official opening of the Directors’ Professionalisation course