BUSE  and National Parks Wildlife Management on 30 September 2014Collaborate in wildlife and fisheries research, biodiversity monitoring, resource protection and parks management, training, interpretation and extension
BUSE and University of Cape Coast in October 2015Facilitate collaboration in Science Education, Teaching, Research, Optometry, Staff and Student Exchange
BUSE and Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya in April 2015Promote regional integration and enhance educational and research opportunities through student exchange programmes
BUSE and Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Zimbabwe  on 24 July 2014Teaching of science and mathematics teacher in all ten provinces of Zimbabwe
 BUSE and Universita Delgli Studi Della Tuscia in Viterbo Republic of Italy on 24  August 2015Exchange visits, for academic, technical and administrative staff, exchange undergraduate and graduate students, joint scientific conferences and workshops, exchange of publications, joint design and implementation of research projects
BUSE and Shinhan University, South Korea  on 8 April 2015Marketing, nursing, beauty healthy academy, auto engineering, teaching, research, student exchange, staff exchange, technology transfer, publication, curriculum development, joint projects, postgraduate student training and development, education infrastructure development
BUSE and ACCA on 11 June 2015Promote sustainable development of the accounting profession and develop a tailored route for students to study for the ACCA qualification 
BUSE and World Links Zimbabwe on 4 May 2015Research in water harvesting and other agricultural fields
BUSE and North-West University on 17 June 2014Promotion of science and mathematics teacher education programmes, designing, developing and implementation of technologies that enhance teacher education through VODL delivery moles
BUSE and Optinova Africa Pvt Ltd Zimbabwe on 28 October 2014Training of optical technicians, dispensing optician and diploma level and optometrists at degree level.
BUSE and Architects Council of ZimbabweArchitect to perform architectural services and project management in respect of fabrication and installation of structural steel multipurpose lecture hall at BUSE
BUSE, Department of Environmental Science and Central University College, Ghana, Department of Environment and Development Studies on 9 August 2015Collaborate in education, training and research in issues to do with environmental sustainability and development
BUSE And North-East Normal University, Changchum, China on 18 September 2011Agreement of cooperation and exchanges
BUSE and Dzikwa Trust Fund in July 2014Reforestation and agro-forestry project in Dzivarasekwa, and general awareness creation training and research on environmental sustainability 
BUSE and Police Staff CollegeJoint administration of university approved programmes of study through the department of Business Studies 
BUSE and Tobacco Research BoardEstablish relations of cooperation in areas of mutual interest such as human resources development, product development and natural sciences
 BUSE and Erasmus  Mundus on 5March 2013To achieve good management of the partnership and address all aspects linked to the organisation of the mobility programme
BUSE and African Virtual University in 2014AVU Network as a Partner Institution
 BUSE and Zimbabwe insurance  brokers on 25 February 2013To formalise the operational requirements of the client and service provider
BUSE and Oxford Business Institute  Manzini, Swaziland on 8 July 2013To increase scientific and technical co-operation in the field of business leadership training
 BUSE and Shamva Agricultural College on 8 August 2014Cooperate in the field of training and practice of Agriculture 
BUSE and The Africa Leadership and Management Academy on 12 September 2014Cooperate in the field of training and research in Social Sciences and Humanities
BUSE and Medial Directorate Mashonaland Central Province on 29 April 2015Collaboration for the betterment of training programmes for health professionals 
 BUSE and Copperbelt University in October 2015Collaboration in teaching, research, student exchange, staff exchange, technology transfer, publication, curriculum development, joint projects postgraduate student training and development and education infrastructure development
BUSE and Hubei University of Technology in August 20152+2 dual bachelor degree program 
 BUSE and Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development in July 2015Establish a centre for enterprise development  which serves as a hub for entrepreneurial leadership and a beacon of excellence in enterprise development
BUSE and The Meteorological Services Department in Zimbabwe on 28 February 2013To establish weather station at BUSE.
 BUSE and Zimbabwe School Examinations Council on 8 November 2011Establishment of a department of educational measurement, assessment and evaluation 
BUSE and Capernaum Trust in February 2014