ZIMCHE Accreditation of BSc Com and Dip in Infection Control

New academic programmes to be accredited

The accreditation of the Bachelor of Communication Science Honours degree and the Post Graduate Diploma in Infection Prevention and Control are at an advanced stage following the visit by Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) officials who expressed satisfaction with the progress that the University was making.

ZIMCHE is the national quality assurance organization responsible for inspecting, checking on the standards required for tertiary education and checking on compliance to national requirements before a tertiary institution can introduce an academic programme.It checks on course content, the availability of books, ICT, infrastructure, staffing, teaching materials etc.

The Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Professor Charles Pfukwa who was standing in for the Vice Chancellor Professor Mwenje said everything was in order and is hopeful that ZIMCHE will accredit the programmes in time for the programmes to start in August.

“We have always dreamt about a media programme that trains media practitioners not merely to be good writers or reporters but to  go beyond that to be someone  who can theorise,create new ideas and have new thinking at any level in any sphere of experience,” said Professor Pfukwa.

“As for the radio station, it is a teaching tool for our learners as we talk about the media, we want to have all the practical experience and so it is an integral part of the learning process”.

He said the application for the radio licence was sent to the Broadcasting authority of Zimbabwe and is expecting it to be granted anytime from now so that broadcasting can start concurrently with the Communication Science programme.


The Event in Pictures
Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Professor Charles Pfukwa addresses delegates during a meeting with the ZIMCHE delegation.
The ZIMCHE delegation tours the physical facilities to be used in the new programmes led by Dr L.D.K Dokora