University Infrastructure Developments Updates

The University has been growing since its inception in February 2000 after having been launched as a University College on 26 March 1996. It has seen a gradual growth in enrollment accompanied by the ever-increasing bouquet of new programmes giving prospective students more choice. This exponential growth has warranted that the University embarks on several infrastructural development projects to continue providing its expanding pool of students with world-class quality education and facilities. It is in light of this poignant realization of its duty to adequately cater for its students that the University embarked on the Engineering Workshops Block project and the Innovation Hub which are at various stages of development.

The Engineering Workshops Block project once complete is expected to house Agriculture and Electronic Engineering students. Currently the engineering students are doing their practical assignments in Harare which is a stop gap measure meant to ensure that students are adequately catered for in all their learning experience requirements. Once the Engineering Workshops Block project is complete it is expected that it will become the Engineering Hub for the Mashonaland Central Province complete with state-of-the-art engineering equipment meant to equip the Bindura University student Engineer with top notch skills for the industrial world. The site is still work in progress at fifty six percent level of completion and it is expected to be finished by April 2022.

The University is also working on the Innovation Hub which is expected to be commissioned soon as most of the main construction work has been done with only internal fittings being worked on. The Innovation Hub is projected to be at ninety eight percent level of completion. The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development officials are monitoring the ongoing building construction projects. However, the Innovation Hub is already working on various innovation projects while it awaits the conclusion of the building construction project. The Bindura University of Science Education is living true to its name by being a hub of excellence in science research and innovation hence the establishment of the Innovation Hub at the University.

The Bindura University of Science Education is a living and growing organism, it will continue to innovate and adapt to its environment thereby providing its students with the best learning opportunities by continuously improving infrastructure and learning methodologies to meet current and future trends.