Master of Science Degree in Disaster Risk Management (MScDRM)

The Master of Science Degree in Disaster Risk Management (MScDRM) is a 1 ½years Block Release Programme with August intake (Classes in Harare)

Entry Requirements

An Honours Degree in the following areas of study:

  • Disaster Management, Development Studies, Geography, Biology, Environmental Studies, Agriculture, Social Sciences or any relevant degree with a strong geography background, with degree class 2.2 or better.

Special Entry:  Applicants without an Honours Degree or with passes lower than 2.2 may be considered for the programme if they have at least two years relevant experience. Must have passes in ‘O’ Level English and Mathematics.

Mature Entry: Applicants should be 25years and above and have passed Ordinary Level English and Mathematics. Two or more years of working experience in a related field is a must.

Structure of Programme

Semester 1 (Level 1.1)

  • MDR501: Disaster and Development Theories and Approaches.
  • MDR502: Humanitarian Response Planning and Management.
  • MDR503: Disaster Risk Management and Livelihood Security.
  • MDR504: Disaster Risk Assessment.
  • MDR505: Public Health Disaster.
  • MDR 506: Conflict Management and Transformation


Semester 2 (Level 1.2)

  • MDR507:  Project Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • MDR508: Disaster Research Methods and Techniques.
  • MDR509: Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response.
  • MDR510: Climate Change, Disaster and Development.
  • MDR511; Geo-Information in Disasters.
  • MDR512: Disaster Risk Management Policy.

Semester 2 (Level 2.1)

  • MDR600: Dissertation.

Programme Overview/Employment opportunities

  • Disaster Manager
  • Humanitarian Officer
  • Probation Worker
  • Civil Protection Officer
  • Safety and Health Officer
  • Civil Society Officer
  • NGO Officer
  • Humanitarian Policy Manager
  • Community Development Worker