Fortunate Sithole

Cell: +263775018667

Academic Qualifications for Ms F. Sithole (Lecturer)

  • MSc Sport Psychology (University of Sciences of Physical Culture and Sport, “Manuel Fajardo” CUBA)
  • BSc Physical Education and Sport (International School of Physical Education and Sport, CUBA)

Research Publications

Dr. Marta Cañizares Hernandez, 2015, A study of volitive qualities in female tennis players of Nelson Fernández Training Center, San José de las Lajas, Cuba. Deporvida, Vol 12. No.25,

Major Research Projects

  • A set of computer applications to plan, control and follow the Sports Academy athletes training process. Research Project to be carried out at BUSE

Extension Services

  • Have been involved with the National Women Soccer Team (ZIFA) as a Sport Psychologist (2016).
  • Participating in Talent Identification for the National Sports Academy.
  • Sport Psychologist for the National Sports Academy Athletes