Norman Mudavanhu

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  • Diploma in Applied Chemical Technology, Bulawayo Polytechnic, 1996
  • Bachelor of Science Education Degree in Biological Sciences and Chemistry, BUSE, 2004
  • MSc in Inorganic Chemistry, BUSE, 2009

Research interests:

  • Phytoremediation, Occupational safety in Chemical industry

Current research

  • Chelate assisted Rhizophiltration



  • N. Mudavanhu, T. Zhou and P. Dzomba (2014), An assessment of Small and Medium Enterprise    owners’ occupational safety and health efforts: The case of Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe accepted in    the Journal of Scientific Research and Reports 4(3):407 – 418
  • N. Mudavanhu, A. Ndeketeya and N. Masaya (2014)  An assessment of phytoremediation capacity of Eichhornia crassipes and Typha capensis for the removal of total dissolved solids in plastic recycling    industry wastewater. IOSR Journal Of Environmental Science, Toxicology And Food Technology    (IOSR    JESTFT)  8(1):86 – 92.
  • N. Mudavanhu and N. Masaya. (2014) Proline and anthocyanins as plant tolerance signals to salt    stress in Eichhornia crassipes. Accepted in the Journal Of Environmental Science, Toxicology And Food Technology on 29/01/2014


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  • P. Dzomba, D. Shasha, T. Chayamiti, G. Murambasvina, N. Mudavanhu (2013) Rationale    Behind the Use of Temnocalyx Obovatus Roots as Antivenins Against Snakebites in Primary    Health Care, American Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Therapeutics1[1] 098-106    available on
  • N. Mudavanhu, C. Mudavanhu, P. Dzomba, F. Kausiyo, T.D. Mushore and T.P. Chinyanganya (2013) Development of a model regional emergency response plan for a mining town: The case of Bindura, Zimbabwe, IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR- JESTFT) , 4(6) 25 -32. DOI: 10.9790/2402-0462532.


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