Chipo Masona

Lecturer: Soil and Environmental Management
E-Mail: or


  • M.Sc. Degree in Soil Science and Environmental Management (UZ)
  • B.Sc. Honours degree in Applied Environmental Science (UZ)

Areas of research interest:

  • Environmental monitoring, majoring in water and soil quality assessments and Environmental Impact Analysis


Professional Membership

  • Environmental Professional Council of Zimbabwe (EPCOZ)
  • Zimbabwe Country Water Partnership


  1. Nyamangara J, Bangira C, Masona C, Nyemba A, Ndlovu D:  Effects of Sewage and Industrial Effluent on the Concentration of Zn, Cu, Pb, and Cd in Water and Sediments along Waterfalls Stream and Mukuvisi River in Harare, Zimbabwe. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 2008.
  2. Masona C, Mapfaire L, Mapurazi S, Makanda L:Assessment of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Wastewater Irrigated  Soil and Uptake by Maize Plants (Zea Mays L) at Firle Farm in Harare. Journal of Sustainable Development 2011.
  3. Nyamadzawo G, Gwenzi W, Kanda A, Kundhlande A, Masona C: Understanding the causes, socio-economic and environmental impacts and management of veld fires in tropical Zimbabwe. Fire and Science Reviews 2013
  4. Mureva A, Nyamugure T, Masona C, Mudyiwa  S M, Makumbe P, Muringayi M, Nyamdzawo G: Community perceptions towards the establishment of an urban forest plantation: A Case of Dzivarasekwa Zimbabwe: International journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology. 2014
  5. Nyamugure T. Mureva A, Gotosa J, Nyamadzawo G, Masona C, Mudyiwa S M, Makumbe P: The impact of forest management regimes on soil organic carbon in  Baikiaea plurijuga woodland: International Journal of Current research.