Dr. Chamunogwa Nyoni


Position: Lecturer, Department of Social Work
Phone: +263 772 973 898
Email: cnyoni@buse.ac.zw / nyonic2008@gmail.com

Research Interests

  • Migration
  • Human trafficking,
  • Thanatology /death studies,
  • Culture, sexual and reproductive health,
  • Disability


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  9. Nyoni C & Maushe F Rethinking Disability in an African setting: the case for Zimbabwe Research Journal of Social Sciences and Management ISSN  2251 1571 RJSSM: Volume: 02, Number: 08, December-2012

Book Chapter

  1. Nyoni C & Dodo O Families in Zimbabwe in The Wiley Encyclopedia of Families Studies 2016 Volume 4. DOI: 10.1002/9781119085621.wbefs181

Conferences and Workshop Papers Presented

  1. ABORTION REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE: THE UNFINISHED REVOLUTION III 2018: Abortion: A ‘right’ which is not a ‘right’? Perceptions from Zimbabwe Title: Presenters: Chamunogwa Nyoni, Nzira Lukwa and Chipo Nyoni
  2. Global Histories of Refugees in the 20th and 21st Centuries Melbourne Law School, 185 Pelham Street, Carlton, The University of Melbourne 2016-Paper presented: Chamunogwa Nyoni and Obediah Dodo, “Unaccompanied Child Refugees and their lived experiences: the case for Tongogara Refugee Camp, Zimbabwe”
  3. Nyoni C, Dodo O and Mutambisi S “No condoms in schools -Are we not reversing the gains?” Poster presented at ICASA 2015 Harare, Zimbabwe
  4. Nyoni C Climate Change, Women and their livelihood a case of Zvishavane District Midlands Province. Poster presented at the Africa Climate Conference 2013, 15-18 October Arusha Tanzania
  5. Nyoni C Lost homes lost livelihoods A Paper presented at Harvard-Stanford Junior International Law Faculty Forum on October 19-20 2012 at Stanford Law School, USA.
  6. 9TH Zimbabwe International Research Symposium 13-14 February 2013
  7. Papers Presented: Sensing and GIS applications on change detection study in Mafungabusi forest – Gokwe (Zimbabwe) using multi temporal satellite data from 1992 – A Chinofunga, A Muchawona, M Shoko and C Nyoni

Editorial Engagements

  1. Member of the International Advisory Board for the African Journal of Social Work ISSN: 2409-5605
  2. Member of the Editorial Board for Dande Journal of Social Sciences and Communication ISSN 2413-2557.