BUSE nurses aid in adapting to the new normal

Faced with the scourge of a global pandemic that raged havoc across the nations, health care practitioners turned into soldiers and waged a war against the coronavirus. Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) clinic staffers have warred and valiantly still stand against Covid-19 as they have managed to keep the University running under the duress of the pandemic.

The measures put in place by Word Health Organisation (WHO), acknowledged by the world, have assisted BUSE’s clinic staff to ensure the containment of the deadly virus. Under the leadership of Sister Masvaure, the team has done exceptionally well in ensuring that covid-19 is managed and contained.

The team managed to ensure that BUSE adhered to Covid-19 protocols by availing sanitizer dispensing machines which were distributed across all campuses.

Despite being champions in ensuring that BUSE stays COVID free, BUSE nurses have managed to keep the institution rolling in the sporting arenas as evidenced by their presence at the sports gala and travelling with the team to Bulawayo for the ZUSA games.

Their undivided devotion to the oath they took is witnessed through the daily consultations on individuals who report sick. Both staff and students are assisted at the clinic. Sister Manyani and Nurse Muchena often attend to students and staff.

Despite all the odds and the misfortunes of Covid-19, the clinic has continued excelling in storing and dispensing medication to University stakeholders.

Without succumbing to Covid-19, the clinic staff have managed to keep the reception area packed with information charts and flyers, and a nurse is always available to attend to patients. There is a scale and an automated thermometer used frequently by patients.

Apart from ensuring safety for all from Covid-19, the nurses have embarked on other endeavors with the sole purpose of educating students on other health issues. This was exhibited at the Health and Career Fair on drug and substance abuse held on the 18th of March which witnessed the vaccination, counseling and HIV screening where many students participated.

The clinic also owns an ambulance which ferry sick students across all campuses to hospitals. The ambulance is always available and there is a full time driver who is also a nurse. However, three nurses are qualified to drive the ambulance for convenience in all circumstances.

In spite of the plight and afflictions brought by the COVID 19 pandemic, the nurses have managed to keep the University afloat and running. BUSE is grateful for the efforts of these dedicated, dependable and professional health heroes who have managed to cater and ensure the well-being of each and every employee and student at the institution.