Dr. Zakaria Ndemo


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of the Zimbabwe, 2019
  • Title of Thesis: Undergraduate student teachers’ conceptualisations of mathematical proof
  • Master of Science Mathematics Education, University of Zimbabwe, 2006
  • Bachelor of Education Degree Mathematics, University of Zimbabwe, 2000
  • Diploma in Education Mathematics, Gweru Teachers’ College, 1995

Cell:  +263 779 328 070
Email: zndemo@gmail.com or zndemo@buse.ac.zw
Office number: G02

Working  Experience

  • May 2008 – February 2021: Lecturer, Science Education – Bindura University of science education – Zimbabwe
  • January 1995 – April 2008 (School teacher). Teaching Ordinary & Advanced level Mathematics

Research Areas

  • Student learning of mathematics concepts
  • Continuing professional development


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Papers Accepted for publication

  1. Ndemo Z (2021). Student teachers’ personal definitions of the notion of angle of contiguity in Kinematics. Paper accepted in current form by International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education (IEJME)
  2. Ndemo Z (2021). Mathematical argumentation as a device for problem solving: Article requires revisions indicated by editor: Journal of Mathematical Behaviour

Conference Proceedings

  • Ndemo, Z. (2012). Undergraduate student teachers’ conceptualisations of mathematical proof: Poster presentation. Proceedings of Southern African Association for Research In Mathematics Science and Technology Education.  Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Ndemo, Z. (2013). Zimbabwean student teachers’ conceptions of guided inductive and deductive teaching approaches. Proceedings of the 4th African Regional Congress of International Commission of Mathematics Instruction. Maseru, Lesotho.
  • Ndemo, Z. (2017). Towards a comprehensive conception of mathematical proof.  Proceedings  of the International Conference of Science and Mathematics Educators. Bindura, Zimbabwe


  • Workshop on teacher professional development as an ongoing process. Bindura University (FSE) 24 September 2019.
  • Research Workshop .Bindura University(FSE). 15 November 2019

External Examiner

University of Zimbabwe Department of Teacher Education (DTE) May 2015

Dissertation Supervision ( Masters and Doctorate)

MSc Ed (Mathematics)

  • Zivahama Kudzai B0219517, (2017)  Exploring language barriers to the learning of contextualized differential equations.
  • Matende Beauty B1547242 (2018).  A practical intervention to the learning of geometrical transformations at a school in Manicaland.
  • Mashonganyika Zorodzai B1547236. Challenges faced by O level students in learning Linear Programming concepts
  • Pfende Hilda  (2016) B1337381. Evaluating levels of mathematical intimacy and integrity among secondary school mathematics teachers
  • Dzingisayi Anderson B1545109. Exploring the didactic contract in the teaching and learning of mathematics at form 4 level.
  • Pausiri Sylvester B1438409 (2019)  Common errors and misconceptions in learning algebra:a case of a rural day secondary school in Mashonaland Central
  • Locadia Masakara. B0423476 (2017)   Advanced level students concept images and modellingof factors affecting their learning of hypothesis testing
  • Zindere Albert R9913933. Investigating students’ struggles with mathematical induction (2016).
  • Muzondo Victor R931329G. Advanced level students’ conceptions of mathematical problem solving
  • Mutsvangwa Kesare (2019)  Students’ conceptions of mathematical induction: challenges and learning opportunities
  • Osten Ndemo R9913940 (2016). Secondary School Students’ Errors and Misconceptions in Learning Algebra
  • Mukuwe Ivy R99140 (2017). Towards an explanation for low uptake mathematics uptake at Advanced level
  • Mudzimba Effort B1749508 (2019) Teacher interpretation of project based learning in Masvingo Rural Cluster D schools
  • Musakaruka Charity B0319922 (2019). Evaluating O level students’ mental constructs around the concept of a quadratic equation

Prospective PhD candidates

  • Sisasenkosi Dube:  Working on concept paper
  • Pfende Hilda: Problem conception stage

Community Engagement

  • Member of Faculty Higher Degrees Committee .(2012-2018)
  • Substantive Faculty Representative to Library Committee(2018 to date)
  • Member of the University exhibitions committee
  • Founder Member of BUMO ( Mathematics Olympiad)
  • Information and Publicity Secretary for local Zimbabwe SAARMSTE chapter
  • Faculty representative to the Faculty of Science Education and Engineering(2015-2018)
  • A member of UZ Alumina March 2020-10 November 2020
  • Ordinary member  A member of the Association of Mathematics Education of South Africa (AMESA 2012-2015)
  • Public Lecture delivered at UZ: 23 April 2015
  • Science and Mathematics Education Project in Mbire : 11 April 2019