World Quality Assurance Commemorations Day 2021



Today 12th November 2021 our esteemed University, staff and students join the global celebration of World Quality Day under own most befitting  theme ‘SUSTAINING QUALITY AT BINDURA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE EDUCATION’  MY RESPONSIBILITY, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND OUR RESPONSIBILITY.’ I firmly subscribe to the theme as indeed there could be no better way of viewing quality than to invariably regard it as one’s own responsibility as well as a shared responsibility among the University community members. Simply defined, quality is excellence. The service that we offer must be of unquestionable value. Ordinarily, if our institution offers quality service then consumers will scramble for it. Our programmes will attract beyond measure, large numbers of takers both nationally and internationally.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is most appropriate for me to unravel the purpose of this event. Through this celebration, we seek to create a sharp awareness of the need for quality in our institution. This is quite imperative as we value excellence in whatever we do.  In addition, this celebration is an endeavour to enable us to appreciate and acquire a quality culture in the institution.

 As we commemorate this wonderful day, we need to introspectively examine the quality of service that we offer to our clients. We need to earnestly exercise and fully engage our minds in answering the following questions. Is the service we are offering the best?   Is it the best that our stakeholders expect?  Is it beyond our capacity to satisfy our clients’ needs? Above all, is it not our obligation ladies and gentlemen, to provide quality service that ensures potential for success to every learner no matter their circumstances?

You are deeply aware colleagues that this year BUSE was ranked 4th among all the Universities in Zimbabwe. Yes, it’s a position we can blissfully flag out but there is room for continuous improvement. It is incontrovertibly true that we are now facing stiffer competition than ever before nationally and internationally from our competitors. We can only ignore that to our own demise or peril. Undeniably, the writing is on the wall colleagues that universities that do not value their clients and offer fractured service risk losing clients.  We can only majestically and safely sail to shore if we endear ourselves to quality and demonstrate a robust commitment to continuous quality improvement in every department.

I am immensely delighted, however, that our alumni are performing exceedingly beyond expectation both nationally and internationally. Our products are in demand in the region. For this I say well done BUSE though I still implore you all with a profound heart, to strive for better quality and to perceive this as every individual’s responsibility, your responsibility and our responsibility. Together colleagues we can achieve the quality level our stakeholders yearn for. Lastly, I want to thank the Quality Assurance Department quite immeasurably for organising such an event.

Thank you

Vice Chancellor


The entirety of the University is expected to contribute to the quality of academic provision. To this end, the major drivers of quality assurance are staff and students and these stakeholders should perform important roles and responsibilities aimed at enhancing quality at the institution.

1.  Roles of Students

To enhance the quality of student learning, students have the following responsibilities:

  • Attend regularly scheduled learning and teaching activities;
  • Adequately prepare for learning assessments
  • Advise the University on areas requiring improvement
  • Objectively evaluate teaching staff, courses and support services; and
  • Use effectively the committee system representations to contribute to improvement of academic provision.

1.2 Roles of Staff

To enhance the quality of academic provision and support services, University staff have the following responsibilities:

  • Perform duties with a high level of professionalism
  • Provide academic guidance and counselling to students
  • Professionally develop themselves in line with emerging trends in requisite professional and academic disciplines
  • Adhere to university policies
  • Engage in continuous learning and improvement
  • Embrace the core value of student centeredness in all operations, processes and procedures


Quality is a collective responsibility and as such, do not hesitate to contact us when you feel quality has been compromised. All correspondence should be directed to Staff and students are also free to visit the Quality Assurance Office at the Commerce block at Main Campus.