Mr. Weston Chidyausiku


  • Master of Social Work Degree (University of Zimbabwe, 2018)
  • Bachelor of Social Work Honours Degree (University of Zimbabwe, 2014),

Position: Lecturer, Department of Social Work
Phone: +263 774 385 150,
Email: /

Research interests
Social work regulation, social policy & human rights

Publications & Book chapters
  1. Chidyausiku, W. & Bohwasi, P. (2021). Social work regulation in Zimbabwe. In V. Mabvurira, A. Fahrudin & E Mtetwa (eds) Professional social work in Zimbabwe, past present and the future (pp 29-51). Harare: National Association of Social Workers of Zimbabwe.
  2. Chidyausiku, W. and Muzingili, T. (2017). Community Reaction to Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes in Zimbabwe. AFRREV Vol. 11 (3), Serial No. 47, July, 2017: 60-70
  3. Muzingili, T. and  Chidyausiku, W.  (2016). The rural participation complexity rainbow: challenges of community involvement in corporate social responsibility programmes in Zimbabwe. International Journal for Social Studies Vol 2, Number 01 (2016) page 120- 132. Edupedia Publications

Conference Paper Presentations

  1. Professionalization of Social Work in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in the region- sharing the struggles and best practices with Malawi (National Social Workers’ Conference, Lilongwe Malawi 26 to 28 November 2019.)
  2. The impact of vocational training in poverty reduction: A review of Vocational Skills Project implemented by Silveira House and Ntengwe for Community Development consortium in Binga district, Zimbabwe.  International  Federation of Social Workers Africa Region 2019 Conference; Kampala Uganda 28 to 31 October 2019
  3. Identification, documentation, tracing, rehabilitation and community reintegration for child survivors of sexual exploitation in Zimbabwe. A gender, child and conflict sensitive approach perspective. Child sensitive social policies small grants research workshop organised by Women’s University In Africa.  (13 October 2020)