Professor Eddie Mwenje

Vice Chancellor Addresses New Students


The Bindura University of Science Education’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Eddie Mwenje addressed new students who were joining the University for the August 2020 intake. The address was streamed live on the University’s official Facebook page.

In his opening speech, Professor Mwenje welcomed the students to the University and spoke about the online orientation programme as well as online learning.

“It is with great pleasure and honour that I address you at this momentous occasion. Regrettably the address had to be done online as part of the effort to mitigate the spread of the deadly corona virus,” said Professor Mwenje.

He explained to students that because of the corona pandemic, the University was operating in the “new normal”.

“It is against this background that we are having the Orientation exercise online. It is also against this background that we are starting our semester on 31st August online until such a time we feel it is safe to conduct face-face lectures,” he said

He assured the new students that the University was doing everything possible to ensure that operations revert back to normal to allow students to come to the campus.

Professor Mwenje went on to explain the purpose of the Orientation programme which he said gave students the opportunity to understand University processes, life on campus and life at the University in general.

He congratulated the new students for securing places at Bindura University of Science Education.

“Allow me to extend my congratulations to you for being among the very few students who secured places at this University. Remember, not many are able to come to University – it is a great opportunity and privilege to be at University therefore make the best of this opportunity,” he said.

He encouraged students to be focused until they accomplish their goals.

“Once you set your mind to do something, never look back. We want to see you graduate, we want to see you being leaders of our nation in industries and various sectors globally. It is important to see this end as you start,” he said.

In addition to words encouragement, Professor Mwenje also explained the important aspects of the University Vision, Mission and Core Values.

“The University is your first door to the world. It allows you to be recognised, it sharpens your skills and gets you connected. BUSE is globally connected and, as you join the University, you join that connection,” he said.

Professor Mwenje spoke at length about the challenges that students were likely to face at the University including the issue of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, disillusionment and the challenges associated with online learning.

He however encouraged students to circumvent the challenges through communication, discipline as well as being innovative in the face of online learning, among others.