TELONE, BUSE to reactivate MOU

TeIOne managing director Mrs Chipo Mtasa visited Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) to discuss the possibility of reactivating the Memorandum of Understanding which has since lapsed between the two organisations.

The cordial relationship between the BUSE and TelOne has led to a number of infrastructure development programs such as the construction of the Town Campus state-of-the-art library. The old Astra-based library has been destroyed by floods in 2015.

Mrs Mtasa toured the institution’s Innovation Hub and Engineering Workshops and was very impressed by the developments. Most of these projects were funded by the University and have defied all odds

“We depart this place very excited and we would like to reactivate our MoU. Everyone wants to be part of the success that is found here. You are real ambassadors of the country and we can safely say the country is in safe hands,” she said

“I am impressed by the new girls’ hostels that I saw on my way here. We did not know that there were a lot of surprises waiting for us. I cannot believe it. I am happy that you built the workshops by yourselves. It reminds me of former US President Barrack Obama’s campaign message, ‘Yes we can.’ We can do it. You have defied all odds. I know that the sourcing of materials is very difficult.

“There is a commitment to custodianship and innovation here. This is a very huge development. At the Innovation Hub our engineers could not believe what they saw. It tells you that the amount of commitment to detail is very serious. There is a lot that is going on here. We are going to come back here with a full team. We have seen a lot of potential synergies.

She said TelOne was currently working on a smart agriculture app which would work via satellite to monitor soil moisture and the state of the crop. She affirmed that TelOne engineers would come to the University to see if they can collaborate on the issue of the smart agric app.

Mrs Mtasa said her organisation has equipment which they decommissioned which they think would be useful to students and to the University.

Speaking on the same occasion, BUSE Vice-Chancellor Professor Eddie Mwenje said the University will never forget the year 2015 when floods destroyed the Institution library and TelOne assisted in the construction a new one.

He said the University’s strength lies in the sciences and as such is trying to harness innovations from the community.

‘We have innovations for various organisations which are advanced and will be showcased during this year’s graduation. Our Smart Connect app has been further modified so that it can be used to solve problems being faced by the farmers. We also have other packages and software being developed in the ICT department,” he said

Professor Mwenje said the University was also working on the production of moringa poultry feed and will be mass producing soon.

“We are also looking at coming up with sesame porridge. We will look for assistance in the production of masawu fruit products from the National Biotechnology Authority (NBA). Masawu fruit products like masawu drink, vitamin c tablets, syrup, and yoghurt are high in Vitamin C

“We are also working on climate change and adaptation since we have come to realize that climate change is real and we have come up with technologies to mitigate climate change. We now have a drone for cloud seeding though it is expensive and not environmentally friendly.”

He said the University introduced a Department of Electronic Engineering so that it could make a meaningful contribution to the telecommunications industry.