Mr. Tanatswa Silvanus Chineka


  • 2019 Master of Social Work Degree, University of Zimbabwe.
  • 2016 Bachelor of Social Work Honours Degree, University of Zimbabwe
Position: Lecturer, Department of Social Work

Phone: +263 778 238 310 / +263 715 178 011

Research Interests

  • Public policy, social policy and governance,
  • Poverty alleviation, economic strengthening and community development,
  • Child and social protection,
  • Human rights, women empowerment and gender equality


  1. Chineka, T. S. and Mundau, M. 2020. Community savings groups and gender equality in Zimbabwe. Journal of Development Administration, Vol 5 (2) 92-98
  2. Chineka T. S. and Mundau, M. 2019. Savings groups, community resilience building and social protection in Hatcliffe, Harare. Journal of Urban Systems and Innovations for Resilience in Zimbabwe, Vol. 1 (1 & 2) .

Accepted & Forthcoming Publications/Articles

  1. Chineka, T. S. and Kurevakwesu, W. COVID-19 and child development in Zimbabwe: Challenges and prospects. African Journal of Social Work. (submitted 2020, accepted/forthcoming)
  2. Chineka, T. S. and Mundau, M. COVID-19 and social protection: The fate of savings groups under COVID-19 in Zimbabwe. Journal of Social Development in Africa. (submitted 2020, accepted/forthcoming)
  3. Chineka, T. S. and Mundau, M. Child rights and the resilience of child protection under COVID-19 – Perspectives of social work practitioners in Zimbabwe. Journal of Urban Systems and Innovations for Resilience in Zimbabwe. (submitted 2020, accepted/forthcoming)

Conference Attended

  1. Launch of the Zimbabwe National Drug Control Master Plan and the Treatment and Rehabilitation Guidelines for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders In Zimbabwe, Harare, 2021.