Sunzuma Gladys

Contact: 715 Popgum Road, Greenhill, Bindura, Zimbabwe. Or Science & Mathematics Education Department. Bindura University Of Science Education Private Bag 1020 Bindura. Zimbabwe
Cell: +263773401557
E. Mail: or
Office: G32


  •  BSCED ( Mathematics and Chemistry (BUSE, 2002)
  • MSCED (Mathematics (BUSE, 2010)
  • Fields of academic interests

Research interest:

  •  Mathematics Education
  •  Research in Mathematics Education
  • Teaching and learning of geometric concepts
  • Ethno mathematics and indigenous knowledge



Journal articles

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  15. Supervision of Masters Students
  16. Mpofu G. Unveiling the mathematics embedded in the culture of the karanga people: A case study of zvishavane district in Midlands province of Zimbabwe. (2016)