Campus Life

Orientation Programme
It is advisable that you arrive in time for the Orientation programme that is normally organized for about five days immediately before the commencement of the academic year or semester so as to:
•    Participate in the Orientation programme. This is of utmost importance for all new international students
•    To view on time the facilities offered by the University and to get yourself acquainted with the new environment before commencement of studies

Academic Year
The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first semester runs from late August to early December. The second semester begins in late February to early June. Orientation to introduce students to the University takes place during the first semester. In addition, an orientation programme for all new international students is organized by the International Relations Office. Occasional students can join the university at the beginning of either semester. A special orientation programme is arranged for such students as they arrive at the university.

Student Organizations
There is a lot more to being a student than studying at Bindura University of Science Education. Join the numerous active student associations, societies and organizations and the numerous sporting activities and experience the rich and varied social life on campus.
The University has over 50 student organizations – clubs and societies on campus. The organizations are affiliated to Bindura University of Science Education Students Union. As an international student at Bindura University of Science Education, you become a member of the Students Union. You can also join its affiliate, the University
of Zimbabwe International Students Association, an independent, democratic, non-profit organization run for and by Bindura University of Science Education international students. Student democracy at Bindura University of Science Education operates at many levels, from membership and participation in the activities of the various students organizations to student representation at Faculty and department levels.

Student Health and Counselling
The campus has student health facilities with general practitioners, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists. All undergraduate students are required to have medical cover (insurance). The students’ clinic on campus provides full primary care facilities as well as contraceptive, immunization and preventive health education systems. The University also has in place, well established counseling structures at departmental and faculty level to which students can turn to for advice in academic, financial or personal matters.

The University’s Department of Sports manages a wide range of sporting activities that cater for everyone from the very committed sportsperson to those wishing to participate for exercise and enjoyment. You can choose from many different sports activities offered by the department ranging from soccer (men and women), basketball, tennis, squash, rugby, swimming, cricket, golf to handball, volleyball, dance and theatre.