Student Health

Bindura University Clinic thrives to provide holistic, individualised and affordable health care services to Bindura University of Science Education community through active participation of students and staff in their own health care.

Health Staff seek to maintain optimum health among students and employees through a competent health service delivery system that entails the efficient procurement of drugs and provision of preventive, curative and supportive health services. The Clinic believes that good health is a prerequisite to higher productivity towards University goals.


  1. Health assessments
  2. Treatment of chronic and other illnesses.
  3. Immunisation against Tetanus.
  4. Reproductive health services which include:
    – Ante natal  care
    – Family planning services:-
    – Depo – Provera (3months injection)
    – Control and secure pills
    – Pregnon (For emergency contraception e.g. after unplanned sex)
    – Condoms for family planning and prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS
    – Counselling services for HIV, other health related problems, academic or various social challenges.
    – Free medical tests are also available and these include:- 
    – Malaria test
    – Blood sugar test.
    – Pregnancy test
    – HIV
  5. An efficient referral system for clients warranting specialists’ attention.
  6. Efficient ambulance service for emergency transfers.
  7. Medical Aid Facility available.
  8. Block Release students and staff members can use other schemes such as CIMAS, First Mutual together with PSMAS.


  • CLIENT CENTREDNESS -Involving clients in planning in order to efficiently address client needs.
  • COMPETENCE – The clinic is run by qualified staff providing services consistent with available best practices through active research for information and advocacy for continued staff development.
  • HOLISTIC APPROACH – In every client we consider their physical, spiritual and mental well-being.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY– Handling every client’s health information in privacy and obtaining client’s consent where shared confidentiality is needed.    
  • RESOURCEFULNESS – Maintaining efficient stocks of drugs, health information materials as well as co-ordinating both internal and external health education programmes and facilitators.

The clinic opens from 0800hrs to 1630hrs from Monday to Thursday, and on 0800hrs – 1600hrs on Fridays. During public holidays and weekends students can report to the Warden in case of any emergencies.

The Student Health Service Unit can be conducted on 0271-7309 during working hours.