Off Campus Life

Welcome to the Off-Campus Life section, housed in the Student Affairs Division, the social hub for Bindura University of Science Education students residing off-campus. Off-campus life is an important component in a student’s life. The experience enables students to learn to integrate with people of diverse backgrounds as well as learning to live independently without parental guidance and control. Traditionally, students used to resent off-campus living arrangements due to the deplorable state and overcrowding which was associated with such facilities. However, with the establishment of the Off-Campus Life desk at Bindura University of Science, the playing field is poised for rapid transformation.
The purpose of the Off-Campus Life section is to improve living conditions and student welfare off-campus. This would ensure a conducive environment for student learning and success. This dovetails with the University’s vision to produce highly acclaimed graduates. The section achieves its objectives through:

  • Registering all boarding houses that meet the approved standards
  • Liaising with Homeowners and opening new boarding houses in order to broaden off-campus accommodation options.
  • Facilitating placement of students in boarding houses and controlling overcrowding.
  • Setting minimum standards in boarding houses and carrying out inspections to enforce the standards.
  • Managing student welfare and student development programmes off-campus.
  • Development of Homeowners in student welfare management and student centeredness.
  • Conflict management and dispute resolution between students, homeowners and members of the community.
  • Organising transport services for off-campus students
  • Ensuring the provision of adequate information to students on available accommodation off-campus.