Campus Life

Housed in the office of the Dean of Students, Campus Life at BUSE provides students with an array of resources and activities to promote their academic, social, spiritual and moral development. The office works in collaboration with other departments to ensure an environment conducive to maximum development of the student is created.

Student Development
This component looks at the holistic development of students through co curricular activities. Aspects under student development include Student Leadership Development, Career Guidance, Grooming and Etiquette, Orientation, Academic Advising, Clubs and Societies and Counselling.

Parents Orientation
This is done for parents of new students. While students are unpacking parents meet with University staff to learn first hand the new life the student will be experiencing and the role they will be expected to play.

Academic Advising
To impact on the intellectual and personal development of the student, Student development works with academic departments   through provision of advisory services. Students are encouraged to visit their departments to be allocated an advisor.

Clubs and Societies
Clubs and societies play a critical role develop leadership skills, pursue their hobbies and network.  Clubs have diverse interests that range from social to spiritual. Participation in these enables students to meaningfully contribute to community development.  Students are free to join any club of their interest or start their own.

Student Leadership Development
This is about preparing students to be leaders in a global community. Focus is both on personal leadership development and transformational leadership. Leadership development topics are covered through workshops, public lectures and outreach programmes.

Our Campus Life Coordinator is Mrs Dorothy Murasi

Contact Number: +2632717618