Dr. Samuel Kyei


  • PhD (Optometry), University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, (2016)
  • MPhil (Pharmacology), KNUST, Ghana (2012).
  • Doctor of Optometry University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana (2009).
  • 2003-: BSc. Ophthalmic Science (Hons), University of Cape Coast Cape Coast Ghana  (2007).

Position: Visiting Lecturer
Department of Optometry, School of Allied Health Sciences, College of Health and Allied Sciences, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. https://blog.ucc.edu.gh/skyei  https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Samuel_Kyei https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=UB1ZAx8AAAAJ&hl=en
Email: samdollar2@yahoo.com, skyei@ucc.edu.gh


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Conferences Attended

  1. 5th August, 2017: Participant, One day CPD on interpretation of OCT, GDx and VFT Reports organized by Ghana Optometric Association. School of Business Guest House, UCC. 5TH August, 2017.
  2. 11th July 2017: Participant, 2nd Annual Meeting on Public Health and Infectious Diseases in Ghana. Organized by Lancaster University Ghana in collaboration with Lancaster University, UK, Boston University, USA and University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
  3. 28th April, 2017: Resource Person, One day CPD on Scientific report writing organized by Ghana Optometric Association. GRNA Guest House, Korle Bu, Ghana.
  4. 6-8th October, 2016: Participant, Three day CPD on Binocular Vision organised by Ghana Optometric Association. Atlantic Hotel, Takoradi.
  5. November 2015: Participant, CPD on Practice Management and Ocular Biometry organized by Ghana Optometric Association at Esubett Hostel, Sunyani.
  6. 29-30th May, 2015: Participant, 2 Days CPD Workshop on Contact Lens Practice organized by Ghana Optometric Association at the Academic Board Chamber, University of Cape Coast
  7. 11th July, 2014: Participant, One day CPD on Glaucoma co-management organized by Ghana Optometric Association at Engineering Guest House, KNUST.
  8. 19th Sept, 2013: Participant, One day workshop on medicinal plants organized by Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research(NMIMR), SATREPS (JICA/JST) Ghanaian medicinal plant project. Theme; “Establishment of effective research network for infectious diseases and medicinal plants in Ghana. Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, UG, Legon, Accra. Ghana.
  9. 29-31st July, 2013: Participant, “The 6th Annual Conference, Ghana Biomedical Convention: Communicating health and science for a better Africa.”  Faculty of Education Auditorium, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana.    
  10. 21-25th Aug, 2012: Delegate: 12TH AFCO Conference and Annual General Meeting, Accra, Ghana.