RPGS hosts Grant Proposal Writing Workshop


The Research and Post Graduate Centre (RPGC) held a very successful four day Grant Proposal Writing Workshop from the 7th to 10th May 2019 at the University campus in Bindura.

On the first day of the workshop, Dr Miidzo Mavesera, a Research Fellow in the RPGC Department outlined the objectives of the workshop. These included guiding participants on how to efficiently locate funding agencies using various media and other tools; how to develop a proposal ready for submission; how to create an institutional pool of multi- and inter-disciplinary grant writers and how to develop proposal narratives in response to live calls.

The workshop was attended by lecturers and some members of the administrative staff.

Professor George Nyamadzawo was one of the facilitators and gave a presentation on how to identify grant opportunities and responding to calls.

Prof Nyamadzawo started by giving his experiences as a grant writer and explained that grant writing was not an easy road, but one with many trials and tribulations before one could be successful. He encouraged members present to perfect their writing skills by attending similar workshops and continuously applying for grants.

On identifying grant opportunities, Prof Nyamadzawo demonstrated the process using the internet by giving participants website addresses and links where one could get information and opportunities on available grants.

Other topics covered at the workshop included Situation and Problem Analysis; Methodology; Stakeholder’s Analysis and Logical Framework Approach.